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100 % job guarantee

Why should you choose us?

We teach only those programming languages that are the most wanted in the IT market.
During the selection process we find out whether you are suitable for the career in software development.
100 % job placement guarantee.
You can change your career during intensive 4 months or while working in 10 months.
Money back guarantee during first 2 weeks.
Post-payment option (pay in installments once you start working as a junior developer).
Small study groups with our professional mentors.
All classes will be recorded so you can rewatch them if needed.

How to become a Junior Developer?

You can choose, if you want to study Super Intensive Course or Evening and Weekend Course. Both can be attended online or on-campus.
Choose type of the course to see all information.
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Our students

What would you say to future students in Green Fox Academy?
Be prepared to give it your maximum and even time outside of the course. You need to be ready to say goodbye to some of your hobbies for a certain amount of time. Always take a step forward. Be interested more in the topics and dig deeper!


August 2020
What are you grateful for?
"I am happy that I actually really switched career. The course wasn't academic, but it was real life programming! Overall a great and intense half of the year."


February 2020

Our hiring partners in the Czech Republic

What requirements do you have to meet?

Be motivated
Be above 18 years olds
Speak English at least on communicative level
No need for previous experience with coding
If you already know basics of coding, you can join our class during the second Orientation module

Basic information

1. What kind of skills will you acquire?

By the end of the course you will have junior level programming skills (in C# or Java). In the third module of the course you can specialize in the following areas.

  • Back-end
  • Front-end
  • Full-Stack
2. Why programming?

There is a huge demand for programmers both nationally and globally due to the enormous technological advancements of recent decades. Also, coding is becoming more and more of an essential skill, like speaking English. We suppose that anyone can learn to code, and the most dedicated can get to a level in only a couple of months, with which they can land a more than well-paid job.

3. What kind of teaching methodologies do we apply?

Our goal at Green Fox is to create an environment that is similar to the one, in which you will find yourself when you start to work afterward. So our teaching methodology focuses on solving challenges. Our students work on tasks in the first half of the course, and on the development of complex projects in the second half.

Work takes place within a mentoring framework. In practice, this means that only 10 % of the time is taken up by lectures. The remaining 90% consists of individual and group-work, led by mentors.

We apply the blended classroom methodology, meaning traditional classroom techniques are mixed with digital solutions. There are video-based materials that are to be processed individually by the students, followed by mentor supported individual and group-work.

4. What kind of preliminary qualifications are required?

Participation in the course requires no conventional preliminary qualifications. One thing you must have, though, is knowledge of English language. This is important, as the study materials are in English. No proof of having passed a relevant language exam will be required.

Although not required, it will be to your advantage during the admission process if you can prove you have a degree of any kind, have tried coding, or have participated in any online course.

5. Where does the course take place?

If you choose on-campus course, it takes place on our premises at Václavské náměstí 11, Praha 1. In case of the online class you can join from anywhere, where is a stable internet connection.

6. What happens after the course?

After graduation, we will help you find a job. Green Fox students go through the same selection process as any other candidate for junior programmer positions. Until starting your new job you will deepen your coding knowledge for a further 10 weeks through working at our co-working space, Húli.

We believe that the knowledge you will acquire in our course is job-ready and to prove this to you we offer a Placement guarantee: if you cannot find a job in IT within 6 months after successful graduation, we will refund you the full amount of your tuition (or waive it if you chose post-payment). Please find more details in the student contract.

7. What kind of qualification will you receive?

You will receive a certificate issued by Green Fox Academy, confirming that you have completed the course and passed the final exam.

Please note: the course is not a state-accredited educational course, and therefore we are not allowed to issue an accredited diploma. We believe that the true value of the skills you will acquire at Green Fox Academy is proven by the fact that many of our students are hired just a few weeks after they graduate.

8. How and on what terms do we help you find employment after the course?

Students who successfully complete the course will be helped by our recruitment team to find employment as soon as possible, but please bear in mind that finding a job could take several months.

Feel free to find and take up employment anywhere, however you are only allowed to accept job offers from Green Fox Academy's hiring partners through us. Our partners offer a gross salary of at least 35 000 CZK per month.


The course is split into three modules, with focusing on C# or Java language. Before end of second module you can add a preference of Project module specializations, which can be back-end, front-end or full-stack.
However, your assigned specialization depends on the following
  • our hiring partners' current needs
  • your application and exam results

1. Foundation module

The Foundation module focuses on the basic concepts of different algorithm implementation while using programming languages. It also introduces students to all of the necessary tools for creating programs, including editors, IDE-s, command lines, and version control systems, such as Git.
Detailed Foundation module thematic
The curriculum is mostly language-independent and focuses on the universal building blocks of programming languages, such as expressions, loops, conditions, functions, and data structures. At the end of the module, participants should be able to create a simple 2D graphical game that consists of a tile-based maze and a character, that can be controlled using the keyboard.

You can complete this module only if you do not necessarily want to become a developer (yet), but you would like to progress in your current career by obtaining programming skills. It is recommended for digital marketers, IT recruiters, project managers, business analysts, and for instance, UI designers.

Main Topics

  • Command Line
  • Version control
  • HTML, CSS basics
  • Editors
  • Git, GitHub
  • Expressions
  • Control flow (loops and conditions)
  • Functions
  • Data-structures (arrays, lists and maps)
  • File handling
  • Modules and imports
  • Unit tests
  • Drawing
  • Object Orientation
  • Game Project


This module will help you learn the basics of C# or Java. Java is one of the most popular languages in the world. All of the exercises and materials are based on this language. It provides a strong foundation for Java back-end or Android development late on, although it is possible to switch to any other technologies.


Foundation module in C# provides a strong base for .NET back-end, as well as desktop and mobile developments on Microsoft platforms. However, it is also possible to subsequently switch to any other technologies.

2. Orientation module

Following what you learned in the previous module, you will start server-side web development.
Detailed Orientation module thematic
In this module, you will dive deeper into the secrets of technology. You will learn the technologies that are used in real-life development.

Upon finishing this module, you will be able to look at ongoing development projects. In case you do not imagine yourself as a developer, you will be able to work with programmers more easily, which is an advantage in fields like project management, data-driven HR or for founding your own startup.

Join this module directly (with a monthly or modular subscription) if you already have experience in programming, but not enough to get a developer job, or you would like to freshen your knowledge up. For this you will have to take the final exam of the Foundation module.


Spring, one of the most popular web frameworks in the Java realm, will help you learn the basics of building back-end applications that run on a server. It's a good foundation for learning about back-end development, Android development and DevOps. At the end of the module, the participant should be capable of creating an interactive web application that can be connected to a database.

Main Topics

  • Java streams, lambda expressions
  • Gradle
  • SQL
  • Spring Boot
  • Thymeleaf
  • MVC
  • ORM
  • REST
  • Bootstrap
  • Heroku


The .NET framework in C# will help you learn the basics of building back-end applications that run on a server. It's a good foundation for learning about back-end development and DevOps. At the end of the module, the participant should be capable of creating an interactive web application that is connected to a database.

  • C# delegate and lambda expressions
  • .NET Core
  • LINQ
  • SQL
  • Razor Templates
  • MVC
  • ORM
  • REST
  • Bootstrap
  • Azure

3. Project module

In the last period of the course, participants are split into 3-4 groups, and each group is assigned with a project that has to be delivered by the end of the module.
Detailed Project module thematic
Participants learn the technologies on their own, but Green Fox Academy, of course, provides guidance. We consult with our clients regarding the technologies they currently use and incorporate these technologies into our projects.

After the course, until starting your new job you will deepen your coding knowledge for 10 more weeks through working at our co-working space, Húli. Here you will face circumstances that are common in your future workplace, therefore you can experience the everyday joys and struggles of an IT professional.


These projects are strictly back-end applications, written in C# or Java.

Main Topics:

  • Token Based Authentication
  • Async structures
  • Complex database structures
  • Data migration
  • Hosting
  • Continuous Integration
  • Design Patterns
  • Unit/Integration testing


These projects are strictly front-end applications, written in Angular 8+ or React, which are two of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. These applications are connected to the back-end applications provided by the other teams.

Main Topics:

  • Angular 8+ / React
  • Async structures
  • Advanced DOM
  • Token Based Authentication
  • Continuous Integration
  • Design Patterns
  • Unit/Integration testing


These projects are developed in JavaScript from beginning to end, both on server and client sides. They help students in becoming knowledgeable about both sides of web development, however, not quite as deeply as the other paths that focus on either.

Main Topics:

  • Angular 8+ / React
  • Async structures
  • Advanced DOM
  • Token Based Authentication
  • Database structures
  • Continuous Integration
  • Design Patterns
  • Unit/Integration testing
After graduating, but before starting your first job as a Software Developer you can join a real world project in Húli.


The Húli Community works like an open source project which means that you can choose your tasks but there will be no mentor time like in the project phase. You decide your timetable and how much of your resources you want to put into it.
Details about Húli:
"I contributed to a frontend project in Húli. Since I coded only in Java before, it was a good opportunity to learn some JavaScript and get familiar with the Vue framework. Péter always helped me when I got stuck with my task. Code reviews were more detailed than in the project phase so I'm sure that we merged more advanced solutions into the development branch at the end. Húli is definitely worth a try."
"For me joining Húli was the best way to get prepared for a real work environment as a future developer. I've learned a lot from the received feedback and it helped me to improve task by task. This experience was a big advantage at job interviews too. They were really interested in our Húli workflow and the way I managed my time during sprints. It was a big plus that we worked on a big code base and got a sneak preview on how things are on a real world project."

What is in it for you?

There are multiple benefits, including:

  • Gaining real world experience while working on a larger scale software project
  • The possibility to learn from each other
  • A  reference project to show off during the upcoming job interviews
  • Code reviews from seniors

Is there a deadline to join?

You can join any time after you graduate, so it's fine to go on a week or two vacation before you start working in Húli.

What is expected from you?

You have the following responsibilities if you decide to join Húli:

  • You must maintain your active/inactive intervals in our internal spreadsheet, which means that you are free to define when you want to work with us
  • You must commit at least 16 hours weekly; you still have plenty of time relaxing and preparing for the job interviews
  • You're expected to finish the tasks you started
  • You're expected to attend every team meeting, including the daily stand-ups, reviews, planning, demos, etc.
  • You're expected to be available on the Slack team channel on a daily basis for team communication"

Can I work from home?

Yes! You can work remotely, but you must still be available on Slack and must be able to join the meetings online.

Can I join a project with a different technology than I learned previously?

Yes! You're welcome in any project with any technological background.

How does the admissions procedure work?

No traditional entry prerequisites are required to participate in the course. But one thing you have to know is English. This is very important during the course, as the study plan is in English. No language test is required. Apply even if you are not fully sure of your language skills. We will tell you during the selection process, if your English is sufficient or not.

Although this is not a prerequisite, the advantage during the admission process can be:
- if you find all important information about the course you are applying for,
- if you have ever tried to program or you have attended a programming course.

The whole selection process will take about 2 weeks. It depends on your time possibilities and the currently free capacity for the interview/simulation.

Why is selection process so important?
Not everyone can change their careers in just 4 months. A short phone conversation is not enough. We thoroughly examine applicants' cognitive abilities, their motivation and reactions to practical basics coding tasks. We want to minimize the risk of accepting people who are unable to withstand the intensity of the course and the challenges of career change. We select only those we believe we can handle. We provide a 100% job placement guarantee because we know that after choosing the right candidates, we have taught them everything they need to become junior programmers. After completing the process, you will learn not only wheter we have accepted you or not, but you also receive valuable feedback.

During the course, you will be communicating especially with our own organizational psychologist Katarina Grujičić, who will guide you through it and you will be meeting her during soft skills training sessions throughout the course. Specific steps of the selection process vary depending on the type of course you choose but don't worry, we will guide you through it.
1st step

If you are ready to change your life, submit your application!
The first thing you will need to do is to simply submit your CV.​

2nd step

The next step in the selection process is to complete an online cognitive test. All you need is a good internet connection, a computer, and a convenient place for concentration. All instructions will come in the email. The test itself takes up to 20 minutes.

3rd step

Within a few days, you will receive an invitation for a video interview or an interview in person. The interview part is focused on your English language and presentation skills. The video interview is an option when meeting in person is not possible in the upcoming days. It takes approximately 10 minutes in front of your web camera. All instructions will be sent to you via email. If you applied for a scholarship, you will also be asked to send a brief motivation letter that should explain why you requested the scholarship and why it should be granted to you.

4th step

After successfully passing the cognitive test, the applicant is invited to participate in a coding simulation.
Don't worry, the simulation is tailored for programming beginners. You will only need a well-charged laptop, stable internet connection and good mood. ;) Depending on the mentors' and applicants' availability, the simulation can be conducted during a personal meeting or via a remote session.

If you are ready to change your life, submit your application!
The first thing you will need to do is to simply tell us a few basic information about yourseld. We would be happy, if you attach your CV.​

The next step in the selection process is to complete an online cognitive test. All you need is a good internet connection, a computer, and a convenient place for concentration. All instructions will come in the email (don't forget to check the spam folder). The test itself takes up to 20 minutes.

Within a few days, you will receive an invitation for an interview in-person or online. This part of the selection procedure is focused on English language and your motivation. The meeting with our psychologist will last about 30 minutes. But don't worry, we don't evaluate programming skills. ;)

After successfully passing the cognitive test, you will be invited to participate in a coding simulation.
Don't worry, the simulation is tailored for programming beginners. It takes about 1 hour, and you will only need a well-charged laptop, stable internet connection and good mood. It's held in English.

Training and coaching sessions

Becoming a developer is half a success without soft skills


During the course, however, we focus not only on coding, but also on the development of soft skills, including communication and presentation skills, stress management, collaboration and teamwork. In particular, we feel it is important that our students feel confident in their future workplaces, so each class at Green Fox is allocated a dedicated psychologist. Students take part in training and coaching sessions as needed, and present their knowledge to our mentors and / or our partners in individual and group presentations.

Organizational psychologist and coach

Katarina Grujičić

What do you need in order to have the courage to change your career? Do you have the potential to successfully finish the intensive four-month course? Is an IT career a suitable career for you? Ask Katarina, our organizational psychologist and coach.

We ensure your career change with a placement guarantee

We are in strong cooperation with our hiring partners and we develop our syllabus based on their needs and that’s why we are sure that the knowledge you can obtain at Green Fox Academy is IT job-ready.

To guarantee this we go even further: if you can't find a job in IT within 6 months after successful graduation, we refund the 100 % of your tuition fee (or forfeit it if you chose post-payment).

For your successful placement we need your efforts as well, because you will go through the same selection process as any other candidates for junior programmer positions. It means that we will expect you to participate in all interviews organised by us, as well as to actively search for and apply to jobs after your exclusivity period is over. Please find the rest of the conditions in the student contract.

Why become a developer

8 surprising facts about the junior developer position

  • The Czech Republic currently lacks 30 000 IT specialists
  • The average salary in the profession is about 56 800 CZK
  • Developers are very often given time as well as place of work flexibility
  • Proragramming is about team work
  • Programming is a creative process
  • An experienced developer earns on average 95 000 CZK
  • Only every tenth developer is a woman, let's change that ;)

Alumni stories

Who will be teaching you

He has been involved in software development for more than 25 years. During this time, he became familiar not only with many technologies but especially with many people, from whom he learned a lot. He would now like to share some of his experience with other developers.
Seniorní mentor at Green Fox Academy
Ondra is an avid programmer, but he has found that he enjoys teaching others even more than programming. He believes that no question is stupid - as long as you have something to ask, he will answer it.
Mentor at Green Fox Academy
Lukas started the Junior Software Developer Course In September 2019 and 5 months later he successfully graduated with outstanding results. Today he is a junior mentor at Green Fox Academy.
Mentor at Green Fox Academy
Amy comes from Slovakia and studied software engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague. She works as a mentor in online courses of Green Fox Academy.
Mentor at Green Fox Academy
In Green Fox, Lukáš focuses mainly on online classes. In a virtual environment, he feels at home. He studied the Open Informatics program with a focus on software engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. He started in Java, but he also has experience with Python, JavaScript or C++.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still need more information, read through frequently asked questions. If there is no answer to your question, feel free to reach out to us.

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