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Online Tech Talent Speed Date

If you are looking for junior developers, join us at the Online Tech Talent Speed Date event where you can meet our fresh graduates or students without any obligation during several rapid interviews.

Let the numbers speak for themselves

3 000+
more than 3 000 people have chosen us for their career change.
40 %
our goal is to have 40 % women's students. currently it is 27 %.
we have more than 100 partner companies.

How does it work?

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Recruitment of students

Every year, we spend more than 1.5 million Czech crowns on our recruitment campaigns, targeting carefully selected audiences who want to change their careers. In addition, we place great emphasis on making the IT profession attractive to women. Our goal is to increase the ratio of women in our classes to at least 40 %.

studenti programování green fox academy

Student selection

Our selection process consists of four steps coordinated by our psychologists and mentors who ensure that recruited students are motivated, talented, and have excellent communication skills.

studenti programování green fox academy

4-month training

During the four months of our intense Junior Programmer Course, students spend 11 hours on coding every day; 8 hours at school and 3 hours at home. In addition to their programming training, our students are trained and led by our psychologists to develop their soft skills.

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Placing our graduates

94 % of our successful graduates work as programmers. 66 % of them were employed within one month of completing the course. Since our founding, over 50 companies have joined us, from young start-ups to international corporations.

Our alumni

Students were selected for the course by a psychologist in a four-step selection process, which was passed by only 20% of those interested in the course (we tested their logical thinking, psychological profile, motivation and digital literacy).

Which technologies they know

  • C# + ASP.NET
  • Java + Spring
  • Fullstack (Vue.js + Spring)
  • Fullstack (Angular + Node.js)
  • Fullstack (React + Express.js/Node.js)
  • Python Django
  • Ruby
  • DevOps
  • Salesforce
  • ServiceNow
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junior programátorka Markéta green fox academy

Why are they unique

  • During the course, they passed several demanding elimination tests
  • All of them speak English
  • They are motivated and learn quickly
  • They are open to change the technology according to the preferences of the employer
  • They can offer a wide range of previous work / professional experience

Book a meeting

If your company is looking for new IT specialists in Prague or even outside it, do not hesitate to book a meeting where you can ask all your questions. We may also arrange a non-binding interview with our graduates.
Take a look at latest alumni, who are ready to start a new career, maybe even in your company.

Graduates for your company

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Our IT Services

Software development

Would you outsource a well-defined project? At our in-house development agency, called Húli (it means fox in Chinese) we can deliver web, mobile, and hardware projects. The team is based around our senior developers, who work with our junior graduates selected for the project. As a customer, you also have the option of recruiting juniors who are working on the project once the collaboration is completed.

In-house academies

It is often the case that one of our partners wants to train their team for newer technology in a few days or hours of intensive training. We have already helped Lufthansa Systems and the Gizmodo Media Group, for example with React and Test Automation training, where our senior developers handed over their knowledge in a Green Fox practice-oriented workshop.

Senior recruitment from our alumni

Often, the barrier of development is that there are not enough senior team members and that is why junior colleagues cannot be recruited. Over the last four years, a generation of Green Fox has matured, who is no longer in the junior category, as our first graduates have more than 3 years of development experience. Many of them are already leading teams and managing larger projects. More than hundreds of people in this community are looking for new opportunities, so if you are looking to fill a more experienced position, contact us and we will help you to find the best people.

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If you are looking for new motivated Junior Programmers for your company, contact me via phone +420 733 631 993 or e-mail barbora.wachtlova@greenfoxacademy.com.

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