Come to see presentations of our current students and find out what they know

Closest date: 8 February 2019 from 14:00

Location: Green Fox Academy, Václavské náměstí 11, Prague 1


Looking for motivated and talented programmers for your team?

We are the first four-month long programming bootcamp in Central Europe for Junior Programmers. In addition, we provide headhunting services. Which ones? We recognize the needs of our partner companies and link them to what our carefully selected and trained junior programmers can offer. What does it mean? Our partners can directly enter the syllabus and have the Junior Programmers trained according to their needs.

If you are looking for Junior Programmers to your team, come to our Open Demo Day. You will see presentations of our current students who already graduate on 8 February 2019. During the event, you will find out what technical and presentation skills our almost graduates possess. After the presentations, you will have the opportunity to talk to individual students and find out if they would fit your team.

Why should you come?

Registrations for 8 February 2019

This event has already taken place. You can look forward to the next one in summer 2019.
The event is for free, but it is important to register in advance.

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Barbora Wachtlová

If you are looking for new motivated Junior Programmers for your company, contact me via phone +420 733 631 993 or e-mail

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