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Events for the public

Evening Workshop and Info Session

You will learn about the future of the labour market, how to change career to IT. Most importantly, you will try coding on your own.

28 February 18:00

Ladies' Coding Night

Event for all ladies, who would like to know what programming is about. You will meet successful women working in IT, hear their stories and also try to write your first lines of code!

Events for companies

20 February 2020 from 2pm

Tech Talent Speed Date

If you are looking for junior developers, join us at the Tech Talent Speed Date event where you can meet our fresh graduates without any obligation during several rapid interviews.

Wanna know about upcoming events?

Next Part-time Programming Foundation Course: 3 April 2020

Next career-changing Junior Developer Course: 2 March 2020

Attention! The admissions process and the associated interviews are conducted on a continuous basis, and thus, empty slots are filled year-round. So if you want to make sure you get in, apply as early as possible

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