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Do you want to take your career to the next level? Are you interested in business processes and would like to work with a related platform? If you want to gain marketable, hands-on IT knowledge without programming or if you want to stand out in your current position in the Salesforce field, choose our CRM Specialist training program! Join the dynamically evolving ecosystem of Salesforce and help companies get closer to their customers!

Salesforce is an American cloud-based software company, and based on IDC Report, a global leader in CRM systems with a market share of ~20%. Its focus is the customer relationship management system and enterprise applications ranging from customer service, marketing automation, analytics, to application development and beyond.

It is one of the fastest growing companies in the world, with a diverse product portfolio that are used by thousands of companies worldwide. Salesforce is predicted to continuously grow and expand meaning Salesforce professionals will be in higher demand than ever. According to Forbes Magazine, Salesforce Business Administrator and Consultant/Analyst positions are among the top ten fastest growing open positions on LinkedIn, moreover Salesforce estimates that about 9.3 million jobs will be created in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2026.

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What do our graduates say about Salesforce?

I can compare Salesforce to one of my favorite hobbies, rock climbing. There is a system that has a given framework and various techniques and steps are available that can be used creatively to achieve the goal. All of this is completely opposite to what I thought before. I had a misconception that all you have to do is sit in front of the computer and configuration and other IT tasks must be boring, but they are not at all. The brain works hard, and you can use your creativity in the process.
Anita Donkó
Salesforce Consultant
United Consult
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Who is the course for?

  • Those who want to level up in their career, but do not want to become a developer.

  • Salesforce users who would like to stand out even more and open up new career opportunities in this area.

  • Project managers, business analysts, consultants, sales people, and field representatives.

  • Anyone interested in complex business processes, solutions, and who would like to work in the IT field.

Become a CRM Specialist in just 12 weeks!

  • The duration of the online course is 12 weeks + 4 break weeks

  • It can be completed alongside work with a commitment of 10-15 hours per week
    (Monday,Wednesday, Thursday evenings 18:00-19:30, Saturday 13:00-18:30)

  • Study in English

  • Live, online mentoring, accessible from anywhere you are

  • We prepare you to obtain the official Salesforce Certified Administrator certification, which is an important qualification for filling Salesforce Administrator positions.

  • Pre-recorded soft skills training sessions are also included in the course

  • Money-back guarantee if you change your mind during the first week of the course

Next course start: 27 November 2023
Application deadline: 12 November 2023

Structure of the course

week 1-3

In the first module, students will acquire the fundamentals of Salesforce as a CRM system. Beyond the basics, participants will get familiar with the most commonly used objects and key configuration options, such as data modeling, formulas, users, permissions, etc.

Main topics:

  • Navigation on the User UI

  • Navigation in the Settings

  • How to modify the User UI

  • User Management

  • Extend the standard functionalities with custom Objects and Fields

  • Basic of Data Model

  • Account and Contact Management

  • Basics of Sales Process, how is it implemented in Salesforce out of the box

  • Basics of Data Quality and Security

  • Approval Process

week 4-7

In this module, participants will get familiar with the Sales Cloud application and delve into related automations. The aim of Sales Cloud is to streamline sales processes and support sales teams more effectively.

Main topics:

  • Reporting Tool in Salesforce

  • Dashboard: Visualization of a report

  • Create Custom Navigation in Salesforce (Application)

  • Create a better UI Experience with the new Dynamic Forms

  • Automation in Salesforce

  • Basic of Flows

  • Create Custom Forms in Flow

  • Create automation in Flow

  • How to increase the Sales Team Productivity

  • Campaign Management

  • Product and Price Management

  • Opportunity Management

  • Data Quality - Duplicate

week 8-12

In this module, the emphasis will be on the Salesforce Service Cloud application, which is a customer service and support platform designed to help companies efficiently manage customer requests, complaints, and support needs. In the final weeks of the training program, you can testing your knowledge on a specific project.

Main topics:

  • Advantages of using Service Console

  • Out-of-the-box features of Service Cloud: Entitlement and Knowledge base

  • How to use Chatter in Salesforce

  • Create a public website in Experience Cloud

  • Data Management

  • User Management - Intermediate

  • JIRA

  • Agile - SCRUM

  • Implementation based on User Stories

  • Teamwork

  • Build a real project

Who is hiring now?

We have partnered with some of the most established companies in the CEE region to make sure that 100% of our alumni will have a job after graduation.
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We work with 89 of the Fortune Global 100. As of 2022, we have been recognized among Fortune's World's Most Admired Companies for 20 consecutive years. And that's just the beginning.

Hiring locations: Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia

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The evoCRM is the only company in Hungary who has partnership with the three biggest CRM producers. Our company is successively growing, our team now has 40 people, most of them speak both English and German.

Hiring locations: Hungary



You have 2 options to pay for our online live training program.


49 005 CZK
  • Pay the whole tuition prior to the start of the course (until 8 days since contract signing).
  • Money-back guarantee: If you change your mind during the trial period you only have to pay the admin fee.


3x 17 948 CZK
  • Pay in 3 installments.
  • Pay the tuition for next module at the end of the previous one.
  • Money-back guarantee: If you change your mind during the trial period you only have to pay the admin fee.

Kdo bude tvým mentorem?

Salesforce Business Analyst
Salesforce Business Analyst
Salesforce Consultant & Developer
Salesforce Consultant & Developer
Certified Salesforce Administrator
Certified Salesforce Administrator

Convinced yet?

Take your career to the next level without programming.


Career opportunities after the course

Salesforce Administrator

As a Salesforce Administrator, your job will be to bridge the gap between business requirements and technology. While creating reports and dashboards will be a part of your workday, doing your own research and handling issues also will be your responsibility. You will work together with other admins, developers, and consultants to solve complex issues. 

Admins usually handle more diverse tasks and have larger autonomy. It helps if you have an expertise in a certain field, have analytical skills, IT knowledge or SSC background.

Your career as an Administrator can grow into more senior admin positions where you can lead your own team, or you can transition into more specialized admin roles, like PM / PO, or Solution Architect.

Salesforce Consultant

As a Salesforce Consultant, your job will be to enable the organization to get the most out of their Salesforce collaborations and investments. Therefore, you need to be a master user of the CRM platform and be able to develop and solve complex business challenges. A Salesforce Consultant is familiar with Salesforce and its features, latest updates, and should be aware of how to use them in order to get the most out of it. 

In this position it is important to have a deep understanding of the client’s needs and how the organization works to be able to give advices and introduce the best strategy or solution. It helps if you have a multinational company or SSC background, or you have a general knowledge about business processes: supply chain as a term, what SLA is, help desk knowledge, etc. 

Your career can evolve into more senior positions or you can transition into more specialized roles like Data Engineer or Product Owner.

Salesforce Business Analyst

As a Salesforce Business Analyst, your job will be to dive into data, identify key insights, and map out a winning business strategy. In the case of Business Analyst and Salesforce Consultant, you will deliver solutions and make actionable recommendations. 

As an Analyst, you will dive into certain areas, and it is important to have a deep understanding of the client’s needs and how the organization works to be able to give advices and introduce the best strategy or solution. It helps if you have a multinational company or SSC background, or you have a general knowledge about business processes: supply chain as a term, what SLA is, help desk knowledge, etc. 

Your career can evolve into more senior positions or you can transition into more specialized roles like Data Engineer or Product Owner.

Basic information

A képzés végére junior szintű programozói tudást szerzel, valamint sok-sok gyakorlatot valós projekteken és különböző technológiákban. Végzett hallgatóink az alábbi területeken helyezkednek el:
Data Science
Quality Assurance

A képzés teljes hossza nettó 4 hónap, plusz 2 hét szünet. (Heti 5 nap, napi 8 óra, hétfőtől péntekig)

A képzés időtartama alatt szinte mindet. :) Nem kertelünk: ha négy hónap alatt szoftverfejlesztővé szeretnél válni, akkor az komoly elköteleződést jelent. Az oktatás maga hétköznapokon reggel 9 és délután 6 óra között zajlik, viszont sokszor előfordul majd, hogy az iskolai munka otthoni előkészületeket kíván meg.

A képzés mentori keretrendszerű oktatási formában zajlik. Ez a gyakorlatban azt jelenti, hogy csupán az órák 10 százaléka lesz klasszikus előadás, a többi mentorok által vezetett csoportmunka. A képzés teljes időtartama alatt feladatok megoldásával folyik majd a tanulás. Az első két hónapban bevezető, gyakorló jellegű feladatokkal dolgozik a csoport, az utolsó két hónapban pedig a partnercégektől kapott valós projektekből vett mintaprojekteken.

A képzés folyamán azonban nemcsak a kódolásra koncentrálunk, hanem nagy hangsúlyt fektetünk az olyan soft skillek fejlesztésére is, mint a kommunikációs és prezentációs készség, illetve az együttműködés, csapatjáték. Fontosnak tartjuk, hogy hallgatóink könnyedén megállják a helyüket jövőbeni munkahelyükön, ezért két, teljes állásban erre dedikált szervezetpszichológus foglalkozik velük.

A kurzus teljes hossza alatt tréningeken és coaching alkalmakon vesznek részt, illetve péntekenként egyéni és csoportos prezentációk keretében számolnak be a mentoroknak és a partnereinknek az aktuálisan elsajátított tudásukról.

Képzéseink néhány havonta indulnak, neked pedig mindig az aktuálisan soron következőre van lehetőséged jelentkezni.

A következő kurzus indulása: 2018. május 7.
Jelentkezési határidő: 2018. március 25.

Felvételi eredmények: pár nappal a felvételi utolsó lépcsője után, legkésőbb április 6-ig

A felvétel folyamatosan zajlik, tehát minél hamarabb jelentkezel, annál nagyobb esélyed van bekerülni! ;)

1062 Budapest Andrássy út 66., 2. és 3. emelet

Egy tanulócsoport létszáma 15-21 fő.
Egy kurzus alkalmával 3 csoportot indítunk.

A képzésben való részvételnek nincsen semmilyen klasszikus képzési előfeltétele. Az egyetlen dolog, ami nélkül biztosan nem tudunk felvenni, az az ANGOLTUDÁS.​

Miért fontos ez?

Azért, mert a képzés tananyagának nagy része angol nyelven érhető el, illetve péntekenként a demók/prezentációk is angol nyelven zajlanak. A nyelvvizsga nem kötelező.
Ami előnyt jelenthet a felvételinél, de nem kritérium: ha már van egy diplomád, legyen az bármilyenha már próbálkoztál önállóan kódolással, esetleg részt vettél valamilyen online kurzuson ... és fontos, hogy életkori határ nincs. :)

A képzés sikeres elvégzése után segítünk munkát találni. Az elhelyezkedésre nem vállalunk garanciát, de aggodalomra semmi ok: a nálunk végzettek 96%-a programozóként dolgozik! Jó, ha tudod: a partnercégeinknél ugyanazon a felvételi folyamaton mennek végig a hallgatóink, mint a bármely más iskolapadból érkező juniorok.

A Green Fox Academy által kiállított oklevelet, amely igazolja majd, hogy sikeresen megfeleltél a kurzus követelményeinek, és letetted a záróvizsgát. Fontos tudnod: a képzés nem államilag akkreditált, így nem állíthat ki akkreditált bizonyítványt. Ezen nem is tervezünk változtatni, mert az akkreditációs folyamat nem tenné lehetővé, hogy mindig a legfrissebb technológiákat taníthassuk nektek. Mi abban hiszünk, hogy a megszerzett tudás igazi értékét az mutatja, hogy legkiválóbb hallgatóink azonnali munkalehetőséghez juthatnak.

1. How does the selection process go?

In order to join our course, you'll have to go through a three-step application process, where we look at your motivation and test your cognitive abilities through some online games an interview. It's necessary because we'd like to make sure that you're going to be able to complete the course.

1. Application
Are you ready to change your life? Then submit your application in a few clicks and you are good to go!

2. Online test
A few hours after submitting your application we will send you a link to an online test. Through a couple of games it will help us evaluate your cognitive skills. You have to use a computer for doing it, and it takes not more than 20 minutes.

3. Interview
We will inform you shortly after you complete the test if you have made it to the next round. If you are successful, we will schedule an online interview to find out more about you.

2. What kind of teaching methodologies do we apply?

Our goal at Green Fox is to create an environment that is similar to the one, in which you will find yourself when you start to work afterwards. So our teaching methodology focuses on solving challenges. Our students work on tasks in the first half of the course, and on the development of complex projects in the second half.

Work takes place within a mentoring framework. In practice, this means that only 10 % of the time is taken up by lectures. The remaining 90% consists of individual and group-work, led by mentors.

We apply the blended classroom methodology, meaning traditional classroom techniques are mixed with digital solutions. There are video based materials that are to be processed individually by the students, followed by mentor supported individual and group-work.

In case of our online courses we use applications that should be familiar to the students, therefore there is no need to learn to use new platforms. For material reviews we mainly use Zoom, where you can share your screen. The rest of the time you work in smaller teams, each team is provided with a Discord room, where you can collaborate live on your work.

We are constantly developing not only our curriculum, but our teaching methodology too, because our goal is for our mentors to transfer their knowledge to our training participants as effectively and thoroughly as possible.

3. What kind of preliminary qualifications are required?

You need to have at least an intermediate level of both spoken and written English. Although not required, it will be to your advantage during the admission process if you can prove you have a degree of any kind, have any kind of experience at multinational companies, SSC background or basic IT knowledge.

4. What kind of qualification will you receive?

Your tuition fee includes one Salesforce Administrator exam that makes you eligible for applying to Administrator positions. 

5. What is the training schedule?

You will need to spend 10-15 hours with your class every week during the course. In addition, there will be more time needed for homework and studying alone.

Are you ready for a Salesforce career?

Apply for our course and become a CRM Specialist in just 12 weeks! With us.