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"I was looking for a course which would get me to such a level that I would be able to find a job in the field. I was hoping that the bootcamp would teach me everything I needed to be able to program a simpler application. I also wanted to partially try out what the daily life of a programmer entails and what the practice looks like. In the end, the course exceeded my expectations. I'm really working as a programmer now."

Michail, dříve obchodník
Michail, former trader
Current position:
Software Engineer at ServiceNow

The career-changing programming course certainly fulfilled my need for new knowledge. For someone who had never done coding, there was a lot of new information. I'm grateful to Green Fox for helping me change my career and fulfill my goals.

Jaroslav, dříve finanční analytik
Jaroslav, former financial analyst
Current position:
Service Delivery Engineer at Accenture

"Thanks to the bootcamp, I managed to learn it all in four months. In addition, I had someone to ask for help during my studies. Also, Green Fox Academy guarantees a job placement. I went from the course directly to a new job."

Pavel, dříve stavební architekt
Pavel, former architect
Current position:
ServiceNow Developer at Accenture

"I am grateful for the knowledge and experiences that you cannot get anywhere else. All the info about the job search... I feel more universal in my use (recruiters like my story). I was strengthening also my left hemisphere."

Jakub Jenč, dříve student antropologie
Jakub Jenč, former anthropology student
Current position:
Junior Java Developer at Servodata

"I'm really glad I dared to change my career. As a programmer, I can now more easily combine family and work. "

Jiřina, dříve HR specialistka
Jiřina, former HR specialist
Current position:
ServiceNow Developer at Accenture

I'm grateful for the supportive learning environment. The mentors were always happy to answer my questions & guide me towards solutions to my coding problems, and thanks to the soft skills trainings I felt well equipped to succeed in interviews.

Maggie McDonald, dříve učitelka angličtiny
Maggie McDonald, former English teacher
Current position:


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