20 May 2021

7 reasons to go into IT and retrain as a programmer

In everyone's life there comes a moment that makes you think about what you are doing. It may be a job loss, career stagnation, feelings of being undervalued or burnout associated with the impression that the work you are doing does not make sense. Whatever it is, do not be depressed. Take this as an opportunity for change. Ideally, a change for the better because that is what the IT sector offers you. Here are seven good reasons why programming is your future!

7 reasons to go into IT and retrain as a programmer

1. The highest salaries and most generous benefits

As they say, you can have whatever you want, but work is mainly about money! If that is really your greatest motivation, then you should know that in IT you will get paid handsomely for your performance. Compared to the national average of 35,000 CZK, in this industry the average monthly salary is 66,000 CZK. If you get on well, after five years of experience in the field you can reach over 100,000 CZK without difficulty. But that is far from all, as companies have learned to really pamper their programmers, so a wide range of benefits are commonplace.

2. Definite prospects for the future

The great advantage of IT is that this sector is growing at an incredible pace. The progress of digitization and automation, means that IT workers are not only a basic requirement but also a question of a company’s survival. IT workers are needed not only in technological giants, but in virtually all fields of business. This necessity is not a matter of a year or two, as programmers belong to the future too. Perhaps with a little exaggeration, experts say that one day the world will be divided between people who can write code and the unemployed. Where do you want to be?

Green Fox Academy students of programming
In Green Fox Academy, you can change your career and become a programmer

3. A constant lack of professionals and a chance for newcomers

Now the ever-growing need for more and more experts leads to a constant lack of manpower in the sector. Currently just in the Czech Republic there is a deficit of 30,000 IT workers and the biggest demand is for software developers. The desperation of companies is shown in the numbers. For one job advert barely four applications are received compared to other professions where there are hundreds of applicants. In short, there is nowhere to get IT workers from and therefore many companies are prepared to accept motivated beginners who are willing to learn.

4. It is possible without university, just a good retraining course

For this reason, IT is now one of the most open fields ever. You do not have to boast a diploma from a prestigious university or many years of study. For starters, all you need is the right retraining course. If you want to change your profession in a hurry, you can go for the super intensive Junior programmer course and in four months you will be ready. Additionally, the organizer Green Fox Academy will give you a 100% guarantee of employment in the field. So, you kill two birds with one stone; you learn to be a programmer and you get a job.

5. Interest in specialists despite the pandemic

Although Covid-19 affected almost all sectors, IT has been left untouched. On the contrary, IT was really helped by the situation. Companies that previously postponed digitization, had to accelerate and move to the online environment, otherwise they would not survive. Demand for programmers sky-rocketed after the initial shock last spring and is still higher than before the onset of Covid-19.

Students of programming in Green Fox Academy

6. Working from home as standard

If working from home was, or still is, a problem for some professions, it has always been a matter of course for IT people and rather discussion was about the maximum number of days spent actually in the office. Then the Pandemic made working from home the norm. Programmers can work in peace from anywhere. They are not limited by space and often neither by when they fulfil their work obligations.

7. Still something new

If there is something you do not have to worry about in IT, then it is stagnation. The sector is still developing dynamically and steadily so you will always have something new to learn. You will continuously educate yourself, develop skills, and every day brings something new. If you love challenges, then programming is perfect for you. You will never get bored with it! So, is the profession of software developer the right one for you?

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