2 September 2022

Be inspired by the stories of 4 women who have made their mark in IT!

A short time ago Andrea was a sales assistant. Amanda taught English. Jiřina worked in HR and Jana was thinking about what to do after dropping out of university. They all wanted to change their career path. They wanted a better job in a lucrative industry. So they all decided to learn programming at the Green Fox Academy Bootcamp. Follow them and get started in IT. Female programmers are few and far between and companies are crying out for them.

Be inspired by the stories of 4 women who have made their mark in IT!

So you don’t need to worry that as a woman you might not make it in the industry. The days when female IT workers were seen as mythical unicorns are over. Now companies are literally molly coddling them and there are many reasons for that. The main one being that mixed gender teams are more effective and many interesting ideas spring from them. In addition, multinational companies often have to meet quotas that stipulate how many women they employ. “Our graduates are always the first to be chosen“ says Barbora Wachtlová, Green Fox Academy bootcamp Operations Director. Our four ladies all attended this bootcamp. They had different educational and professional backgrounds and were of varying ages. Nevertheless, they all made it in IT and are now junior or intermediate software developers.

Andrea: she traded her shop job for app development

Andrea wanted to become an artist, but her dream disappeared during the university entrance exams. She wasn’t successful and so she had to choose a different route. It soon proved that study in the field of humanities was not a good substitute. Andrea decided to leave university and start work, but a cruel and sobering time beckoned. As a high school graduate without experience nobody wanted to take her on. Finally, she ended up as a sales assistant in a clothes shop. “I enjoyed the work but it wasn’t something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life, “ she admits. She was led to programming by chance and the three-week course #MyFirstApp Coding Camp from the Green Fox Academy. During the course, she found that she really enjoyed coding. This led her to retraining for IT. Shortly after finishing the bootcamp Andrea got an offer from the prestigious company Accenture, where she now works as an Advanced App Engineering Analyst.

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 In the past Andrea worked as a sales assistant

Amanda: She stopped teaching and got into low code

Amanda dreamed of being a doctor but she didn’t get into university. However, she didn't give up and tried a different approach. She started studying cybernetics and robotics at the Czech Technical University but it proved to be beyond her, so she decided to take a break and help out in the family business. "My father and stepmother started a language school, so I helped them by working as a teacher," says Amanda. In time she realized that she wanted more from her career and so she tried a free programming course. "It was during these sessions that I realized how much I enjoy logical problem solving and coding itself," explaining what brought her to the bootcamp. Amanda successfully completed it and now works for the prestigious company Barclay's as a certified Salesforce administrator.

Amanda previously worked as an English teacher

Jana: She didn't want to waste years at university, so she headed to bootcamp

Jana only lasted one semester at university. Studying IT in this way was not for her. “University is not for everyone and it doesn’t make sense to waste time studying just to get a degree and then spend ages looking for a job“ confides Jana. However, she was clear that she wanted to continue with programming. Bootcamp provided the ideal solution for her. It gave her both the basics and her first job. Now Jana lives in Reykjavík, Iceland where she works as a Junior Game Developer.

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Jana at the graduation ceremony on successful completion of the Junior Programmer's course together with her programming mentor and the Green Fox Academy’s operations director

Jiřina: Instead of HR she is now dedicated to low code programming

Family has always come first for Jiřina so she tried to find work in an industry where she could fit everything together nicely. She wanted to do a job that she enjoyed while still having time for her children. The decision to retrain in IT was helped by her partner who works as a tester. “I liked what he told me about his work and it enticed me to give it a try too,“ revealed Jiřina. After finishing the bootcamp she took a position as a ServiceNow Developer in the multinational company Accenture and now she spends most of the week working from home.

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Jiřina during in-person lessons at the Junior programmer course

Anyone can become a programmer if they really want to

Andrea, Amanda, Jana and Jiřina are not the only women to be successful in IT. There are many more. The great thing about being a programmer is that you can find your niche. If you're interested in design and want your work to be visible at first glance, then focus on frontend. This is the one that solves the problem of making websites display well on various devices. If you are more of an analytical type who is no stranger to abstract thinking, then choose backend. Then you will be in charge of developing code on the server. You can’t decide? It doesn’t matter as there is also full-stack, which combines both.

If this is difficult for you and you don't dare to do such things, there is another option. There is something known as low code, which is a real hit at the moment.  You will work with existing platforms and develop them further. The most frequently used platforms include ServiceNow and Salesforce.

Not sure which direction you would like to pursue? Try our career quiz.

The one clear thing you can see from this is that if you want to go into IT, you have plenty of options. It is easy to find out if you have what it takes to become a programmer. Simply register for the selection procedure. If you get through then you know that success is guaranteed.

Retraining course for a junior programmer

The green light for a career in IT

IT is currently one of the most open fields in business and all you need to get into it is a good retraining course in programming. If you decide to take the Green Fox Academy bootcamp, you can be a programmer in just four months of super-intensive study. If you prefer to learn on the job, it will take you ten months to retrain. You can study full-time in classrooms in the centre of Prague or online from anywhere. You can choose from all the most in-demand specialisations and the fact that Green Fox Academy’s is the only bootcamp in the Czech Republic to be accredited by the Ministry of Education is a great advantage. You will therefore save a considerable amount that you would otherwise have to pay as 21% tax. In addition, if you meet the conditions, you can even apply for a contribution towards the tuition fees from the job centre.

Green Fox Academy’s is the only bootcamp in the Czech Republic to be accredited by the Ministry of Education. You will therefore save a considerable amount that you would otherwise have to pay as 21% tax. In addition, if you meet the conditions, you can apply for a contribution towards the tuition fees from the job centre.

A guaranteed job in a new field

Are you tempted to apply but you don’t have enough money saved right now? Don’t worry, there is always a way. Just make an agreement and choose to pay the tuition fees @after. Then you will start paying the Green Fox Academy tuition fees only once you have completed the course and started working as a junior programmer, a position that the bootcamp organizer will help you secure. You will even get a 100 % guarantee (i.e. If you don’t get a job in IT within 6 months of finishing the bootcamp then you pay 0 CZK in tuition fees). So, you have nothing to fear. To start a new phase in your career you only need to take one step and that is to register for the selection process. And be reassured in the knowledge that the moment you do, representatives from over one hundred partner companies will be lining up to reach out and entice you to join them. Become another inspirational woman who is successful in IT.



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