9 August 2023

Best Investment for 2023? Programming Bootcamp!

Do you cringe as you watch inflation eat up the cash savings sitting in your bank account? Do you ever wonder how to best secure your future? The answer is simple: the best investment you can possibly make is in your own education. At IT bootcamp, we’ll turn you into a legit programmer and teach you how to make the most of not only your own intelligence, but also AI. After graduation, you’ll easily find a good job in the most lucrative field that exists today! Still not sure? Keep reading to discover why you should apply for coding bootcamp today!

Best Investment for 2023? Programming Bootcamp!

IT is literally booming! No other industry is developing so fast or offers such a wide range of applications. New jobs are constantly being created and companies are vying for experts. That’s precisely why IT programmer salaries are so famously high. The competition never rests and new technologies simply must be introduced! If you're feeling stuck in your current job, or simply looking for a new challenge, take this golden opportunity to reset your career and point your life in an exciting new direction.

Practical knowledge and real projects

The good news is you don’t need a university diploma to break into IT. All you need is a good bootcamp. One that’s fully accredited by the Ministry of Education and will teach you via real, practical tasks, instead of just overloading your brain with theoretical concepts. When you choose Green Fox Academy (proudly the number one coding bootcamp in the Czech Republic), you’ll work through a sophisticated curriculum, get real experience on a real project, and have lots of opportunities to network and meet important people in the IT field. Thanks to state-of-the-art teaching methods such as flipped learning, mentoring and coaching, you will progress at light speed.

AI at your fingertips

At Green Fox Academy, we keep up with the times! Because our bootcamp works closely with tech employers, we know exactly what skills are most in demand on the job market, and we’ll teach you how to use those exact technologies. That means you’ll become thoroughly acquainted with the most widely used AI tools and, as a programmer, you’ll know how to use them efficiently at work. You’ll learn how to ask AI the right questions in order to get the best advice and answers you need. You’ll even learn how to quickly create automated tests and integrate ChatGPT into an in-app chat.

In person, online, or weekends and evenings 

Do you want to jump headfirst into your new career, or do you need a more gradual transition? Do you enjoy the atmosphere of classroom learning or do you prefer the quiet comfort and tranquility of learning from home? With Green Fox Academy, you can choose the learning style that best meets your needs. With the Junior Developer course, you can study full-time, or you can take the part-time course on weekends and evenings. You can opt for on-campus classes, or you can stay home and learn with us online. We make it easy to select the pace and style that fits your needs.

If you want to change your career as fast as possible with no distractions, we recommend choosing our Super Intensive Course. In just 17 weeks, you’ll have completed an impressive 632 hours of instruction! But our comprehensive curriculum can be demanding. For example, all lessons are live, so there will be no recordings or one-sided communication. You must be highly motivated, dedicated and self-disciplined to successfully complete this course. It will require a lot of hard work, there’s no point in sugar coating it. Bootcamp may test your willpower at times, it may frustrate you at others. But it will all be worth it when you have that highly sought after junior developer certification after graduation! Bear in mind that you will also need to prove your English skills, as one simply cannot be a developer without them. It should come as no surprise, then, that your bootcamp teaching materials will be in English. ‍

An investment that actually pays off

Sounds great, right? But perhaps you’re worried about tuition fees? Let’s get a better overview so you can put things in perspective. First, let’s take into account the number of hours of instruction and the fact that your bootcamp investment will return to you many, many times over. For example, as a programmer, you’ll have a very secure future, you’ll be working in the field with the highest demand for qualified employees, and companies happily offer those employees the highest salaries. In addition, there will be nothing preventing you from climbing the career ladder. How fast you climb it will only depend on your skills and your desire to climb.

A recent survey of Green Fox Academy bootcamp graduates clearly showed that it takes them an average of two years to reach mid-level positions. After three years, our graduates report earning a gross monthly income that ranges between 75,000 and 80,000 CZK. Five years after bootcamp graduation, they already hold senior positions. We even have bootcamp alumni who are earning over 110,000 CZK a month!

From this vantage point, it no longer seems unrealistic, right? So, start calculating! You’ll soon discover that your investment in a programming bootcamp will pay off many times over.

Do you have what it takes to be a programmer?

It’s a fair question, and a very easy one to answer. First, go to one of our workshops and see if you’d enjoy programming. Financial motivation is a valid reason to change careers, but it’s not enough on its own. Among our alumni, only 1% were motivated to take our bootcamp for purely financial reasons. The majority wanted to upgrade their skills and acquire IT knowledge (52%).

If, during a workshop or free course, you find yourself hooked on coding, go ahead and apply for our bootcamp selection process. Our experts will check for all the necessary prerequisites and let you know if you have what it takes to become a successful programmer – and whether you’ll be able to handle the pace of bootcamp. It’s not for everyone. If you sign up and decide it’s not for you, you can drop out during the trial period (two or four weeks) and Green Fox Academy will refund your tuition.

On the other hand, if everything goes well and you love coding as much as we do, you'll become part of the class. You’ll be supported by our team of experts and classmates as you journey toward your new and exciting IT career. Our skilled mentors will guide you through the coding process. Green Fox Academy organizational psychologists will provide invaluable moral support and help you take your soft skills to the next level. Then, after you graduate, our career team will help you land your first job in IT. From that point forward, your investment will start paying big dividends, which makes coding bootcamp your best investment for 2023! 


Code your future. With us.