10 August 2023

BIG SURVEY: 87% of Bootcamp Grads Plan to Work Abroad

How have the Green Fox Academy Junior Developer bootcamp grads been doing since they joined the workforce? Let’s look at the latest survey results. They certainly haven’t fallen behind in IT! A third of them have already scored mid- or senior-level positions. 64% are earning over 50,000 CZK a month and 2% percent are even earning more than 110,000! We asked our graduates what led them to change careers, what fields they used to work in, and how they’re doing today.

BIG SURVEY: 87% of Bootcamp Grads Plan to Work Abroad

Green Fox Academy routinely conducts surveys to find out how their bootcamp graduates are doing in the workforce. This year's survey yielded a number of new and interesting findings compared to last year’s. It turns out that the number of people signing up for bootcamp straight after high school graduation is increasing. In those cases, not actually a change of profession, but rather an exciting new alternative to the traditional education system. It turns out that the 8% of our bootcamp grads who leapfrogged from high school directly to the Junior Developer course confirmed that we really did teach them everything they needed to know to succeed in IT. So, what else did our big survey discover?

Education doesn’t matter!

The vast majority of bootcamp grads only hold a high school diploma (73%). The remaining 26% are university graduates, with slightly more having bachelor's degrees than a master’s degree. Graduates holding doctoral degrees are rather an exception (1%). There is a diverse representation across disciplines. Most bootcamp grads have a service-related degree (18%), followed by economics and finance, education, industry, arts and humanities. Interestingly, 5% of students were already involved in IT before signing up for our bootcamp.

Gastronomy, marketing and transport

The education diversity among our graduates was confirmed by the fields they used to work in. Gastronomy and tourism were in the lead (15%), followed by transport and logistics (13%), and then services and marketing (both at 8%). A further 8% had worked in IT before and took our course to improve their qualifications and learn programming. The automotive, healthcare, education and research, administration, finance, engineering, business and construction sectors were also represented.

Underqualified and feeling burnt out

Although bootcamp participants came from a variety of fields, they still had a lot in common. Most of them (60%) had worked in an office. Only a quarter performed manual labor and the rest had never been employed. The main reason they decided to retrain in IT was that they lacked the necessary qualifications and wanted to acquire IT skills and knowledge. This is what motivated 52% of students to take our Junior Developer course. Another 27% confided that, despite already having a good job, they felt burnt out and decided to change careers. 13% wanted to learn programming to improve their opportunities in a field they were already in. 6% had difficulties finding suitable jobs in their sector, and some (1%) were drawn to bootcamp by the prospect of a better salary.

Their first IT job was determined by salary

Salary was the decisive factor for 27% of grads starting their first job in a new field. A tenth of graduates also factored in the technology used by the employer. Other factors that influenced their decision to accept a job offer included: job description, opportunity to learn new things, support for further development, the possibility of working from home, flexible working hours, the specific position offered and the place of work.

How long did it take our grads to find an IT job?

Almost half of our graduates landed a job within a month of passing the bootcamp final exam. Within four months, that figure reached 78%. Only two graduates reported that they hadn’t been able to find work. Most confirmed financial improvement compared to their former profession. 49% of graduates started their first job with a monthly gross salary of 40,000 CZK or more.

Some alumni earn 110,000 CZK monthly

Most of the graduates from our last cohort still hold junior positions. However, those who’ve been in IT for a while now are starting to climb the career ladder. 29% are already in mid-level positions and 4% even have senior positions. This is also reflected in their current salaries. Today, 64% of Green Fox Academy graduates earn more than 50,000 CZK a month. 14% reported an income of 60,000 – 70,000 CZK, and 2% were bringing home 110,000 CZK monthly!

Working abroad is an attractive possibility

When it comes to plans for their future, most are already certain. 87% would like to work abroad one day. The countries that most attract newly-trained programmers are Germany, Switzerland, the UK, the USA, the Netherlands, Austria and the Benelux countries. Some of our graduates have even already gone abroad for work! One of our women IT graduates even chose a slightly more exotic destination – Iceland! As you can see, the Green Fox Academy bootcamp not only opens the door to IT, but to the whole world!


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