30 November 2022

Bootcamps are the future of education and retraining

Bootcamp; a familiar word that’s been repurposed during the last decade. In the IT world, it refers to a new kind of modern, intensive IT training course. Although programming bootcamps are well-established abroad, they are still very much in their infancy in the Czech Republic. But make no mistake; bootcamps are the wave of the future here, too. They are one the most effective forms of retraining, during which students acquire new skills and knowledge in an extremely short period of time. Bootcamps will kick-start your IT career and help you succeed in your new field. You can become a skilled programmer in as little as 4 months.

Bootcamps are the future of education and retraining

The first coding bootcamp opened in 2011 in the USA, and a huge boom followed shortly thereafter. By 2017, more than 95 bootcamps were already offering full time training courses across the country. In response, the US Department of Education announced that student loans could now be used to cover bootcamp tuition. Prior to that, they could only be used for university educations. This exciting new phenomenon has spread rapidly, eventually crossing the Atlantic and reaching Western Europe. Although the Czech Republic has yet to officially adopt this modern training style, some forward-thinking schools have, and they already offer affordable IT bootcamps that will train you to become a programmer. This new trend has completely turned the education establishment on its head. Boring theory has largely been replaced by practice and students learn on real projects. Thanks to this, they not only gain the necessary knowledge and skills, but also a concrete idea of how things work in their new field. It’s easy to understand why this approach is so popular overseas and how quickly it’s gaining ground in Western Europe. 

Years of school vs months of bootcamp

Different countries also have different mindsets when it comes to educational approaches. If you're considering a career change, you might look into generic computer programming courses, or perhaps even distance university courses. As a general rule, however, neither path will lead you to your dream job. Ordinary programming courses are often of questionable quality and you’d barely learn the basics. At university, you'll have to learn a lot of impractical theory, and often a very abbreviated version of it. In reality, employers want job-ready skills and experience. Therefore, if you want to become a programmer, it would be wise to enroll in an IT bootcamp. If you study intensively, 4 months is all it takes; if you need to work during your bootcamp course, you can complete your retraining over 10 months. Here, course duration ranges from 8 to 36 weeks. However, most schools offer intensive courses of 10 or 12 weeks. In the Czech Republic, it’s 4 months of intensive study, or 10 months of retraining while maintaining a current job. You have the option to attend classes in person or complete the training course online.

The most effective way to learn

This kind of training isn’t just about speed. Its popularity stems mainly from its practical teaching style and its high success rate. It’s well-known that if you actively practice something, you’ll retain 60-70% of the skills you’ve learned. By contrast, students only recall 20-30% of theoretical lectures. When it comes to self-study and reading, that figure drops to 10-20% at best. For this reason, bootcamp effectively combines practical teaching and theory to achieve maximum results and fully prepare graduates for work in their new field.

Bootcamp in the Czech Republic, or somewhere else abroad?

If bootcamp sounds great but you’re worried it might be too expensive, it might help to take a closer look at the details. Let’s start with the course itself. For 4 months, you’ll have someone working intensively by your side and, at any time during the course, a mentor will be on hand to advise you as needed. In addition, Green Fox Academy offers a 100% job placement guarantee; not only will they teach you the skills you need, they’ll also find you a job. This means you don’t have to worry about what you’ll do after you get your diploma. It’s also worth comparing the much more affordable prices of Czech bootcamps with those operating in other European capitals, or the USA. 

The average bootcamp tuition in the USA costs 13,600 USD (285,600 CZK). In Western Europe, it ranges from 6,500 to 10,000 EUR (165,100 to 254,000 CZK). If we narrow our focus, a 14-week web development bootcamp in Berlin starts at 7,800 EUR. In London, an 8-week bootcamp costs from 5,200 to 9,800 EUR. An intensive 9-week course in Paris will cost you between 7,500 and 10,000 EUR and, in Barcelona or Milan, you’ll pay 6,000 to 7,000 EUR for a 12-week bootcamp. Prices vary according to the length of the courses and their content. However, from this comparison, it’s clear that the Czech bootcamp cost of 139,000 CZK (before VAT) is the most affordable.

Diploma and a job guarantee

In addition, our Czech bootcamp will guarantee you something that no foreign or domestic university can offer. Thanks to our close ties with many businesses, the Czech curriculum reflects what’s most in demand on the job market right now, and the course comes with a 100% job guarantee for graduates. If you’re thinking about making a career change, and if you’re drawn to IT and programming work, then a bootcamp is the ideal solution for you. Not only will you learn everything you need to know, but you’ll also land that dream job. What's more, the option to gradually pay off the bulk of your tuition fees after you start working is nothing to sneeze at.

The future belongs to retraining

If you feel that your current career is on the decline or you're struggling to find a job, don't be afraid of change! Although some might look down on the idea of retraining, the attitudes of most people and employers are changing fast. In the future, retraining will probably become the new standard. Forecasters and recruiters anticipate that the average person will complete 3 retraining courses during their working life. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for bootcamp and take your life to the next level as soon as possible.


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