31 August 2021

From a HR specialist Jiřina became a programmer

Balancing family, work and your dreams is often a superhuman task. But as Jiřina Kopsová proves, everything is possible when you want it, and you have the support of the people around you. “I never believed that I would become a programmer," laughs the former HR specialist. But she did it! Thanks to the Junior Programmer retraining course from Green Fox Academy, she changed both her life and her profession and at the same time inspired many other women. In short, it is never too late to "go back to school" and pursue your goal.

From a HR specialist Jiřina became a programmer

Jiřina tried many different fields and jobs. "I've spent the most time in logistics," she begins to tell her story. During maternity leave, in addition to caring for her family, she began working in the non-profit sector and ran a family centre. "When the time came to return to work, I was looking for a job with good working hours that could be combined with bringing up young children," continues the likeable mother. This criterion brought her to personnel and accounting departments, and to administration as well. Then also to the town hall. But her children were growing up, and Jiřina felt that she would rather do something else that would give her more satisfaction.

Retraining course for a junior programmer

The support of her partner and children was important

“When I found out about the retraining course, a programming bootcamp which the Green Fox Academy organizes, so then I didn’t hesitate,“ says Jiřina. It was exactly what she had been thinking about. It was the turn of the family meeting. "I asked my partner if he would help me and look after the children when I'm in bootcamp and I return home late,” the programmer recalls, adding: "He said that yes he would. In retrospect, I can say that he did very well. The children were surprised that their mother was going to attend school. But I explained to them that it was waiting for them too and that they would also have to learn for their whole lives. "  

It was decided. My partner started to take care of the children more and they learned to go to school on their own. At the age of seven and nine, they also attended after school clubs in the town on their own. “Actually, they were happy, they took it in the spirit that they were now older and that they didn’t need their mother to hold their hands everywhere any longer," Jiřina reveals, adding in the same breath: “But if I’d had a flexible job at that time, then I would definitely have held their hands for a little while longer."

alumni jirina during teambuilding
Jiřina during the first day of the course

IT had always attracted her

Changing her field was not a difficult decision for Jiřina. “I've always gravitated towards IT. I enjoyed computers at high school when we studied basic. I stayed with IT at university too. I studied simultaneously at the University of Economics and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics,” the blonde recalls and continues: "But I didn't last long in that combination. At the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics  we had one subject about IT once a week, the rest was maths. That's why I preferred the university of economics. Nevertheless, IT continued to interest and attract me. "

Another reason to change profession was her partner. "I liked what he said about his work. It also tempted me to try it,” Jiřina says enthusiastically. At home, she suddenly had many topics to talk about with her partner who works as a tester. “We talked a lot about what I was learning on the course and what he was doing at work. He knew what I was learning already (Java), and at the beginning of the course he advised me.” But as the weeks of instruction passed and improvements came, the roles were reversed. "Over time, I got to a level which he hadn’t reached and so he just listened," she recalls about the progression of the bootcamp. Although she sometimes had the odd difficult moment during the retraining course, Jiřina never doubted the step she had taken: "I didn’t regret it, not even for a minute. I learned to program and fulfilled one of my dreams."

“I didn’t regret it, not even for a minute. I learned to program and fulfilled one of my dreams."

A dream job in a prestigious company

Shortly after graduating from the programming bootcamp, Jiřina joined the company Accenture. In this large multinational company, she works as a ServiceNow developer and cannot praise her new position enough. "I have the opportunity to complete training courses, obtain certifications and I can develop further in my chosen field. I really like the corporate culture and how people treat each other here,“ she says enthusiastically and continues: "I am working on a project with colleagues from all over the world and I have the opportunity to meet interesting people, even though I work from home." And it was the “home office” that was one of the benefits that this mother of two was looking forward to. Thanks to this, she can combine all her roles more easily.  

teambuilding in the class
Teambuilding in the class

"I am working on a project with colleagues from all over the world and I have the opportunity to meet interesting people, even though I work from home."

Jiřina thus gained exactly what she wanted from her retraining course. "The work of the programmer, and specifically the position that I have in the company has even exceeded my expectations. I still enjoy it and as a bonus I have great colleagues. I can still learn something new and improve,“ she concludes with satisfaction.


Jiřina completed the on-campus Super Intensive Junior programmer course and was part of a class named Vulpes. She then joined the company Accenture as a ServiceNow Developer.

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