30 August 2021

Jaroslav the financial analyst becomes a programmer

He felt that sooner or later his position would be made redundant due to automation. “I also wanted to do something that would have a tangible result," Jaroslav lists the reasons why he decided to retrain in IT. Instead of studying for three years at university, he finally gave preference to four months in bootcamp and stands firmly behind his choice.

Jaroslav the financial analyst becomes a programmer

Jaroslav started thinking about programming around a year and a half ago, even though at first it was just a matter of gaining a new skill. “I thought it might be a good combination with what I did at work and also what I studied previously," he explains. “My colleague and I took entry exams for computer science at the Czech University of Life Sciences which was the only university in Prague that offered this type of study remotely."

However, one visit to the university was enough for this Praguer to understand that his journey would not lead here. “I was not willing to sacrifice three years for it, to learn mathematics and law again, to write my final thesis and to prepare for the final exams," he lists everything that would await him, adding: “To go through all of that seemed like too much of a tax on the programming part of it." So, he started looking for other ways to learn coding. “While browsing various free online courses and weekend seminars I came across the Green Fox Academy bootcamp. At that time, it was perhaps the only option where programming could be studied intensively,” he notes.

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Headfirst into coding

Jaroslav did not hesitate for a minute and signed up for the super intensive course with a focus on the programming language Java. “The retraining course to become a programmer definitely meets my thirst for new knowledge. For someone who has never done coding, there really is a lot of new information,“ he admits that the bootcamp deserves its reputation and adds: "But I didn't expect it to be any different, this is what people from Green Fox Academy and former students communicate quite openly towards those interested in taking this course." However, Jaroslav's motivation for joining the retraining course was not only the desire to acquire new skills, but also to become more valuable on the labour market in the future.

“The retraining course to become a programmer definitely meets my need for new knowledge. For someone who has never done coding, there really is a lot of new information.“

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Automation of internal processes and reduction of staff

The lack of prospects was something that the Prague born Jaroslav had in his last job, where he worked as a Client Financial Management Senior Analyst. “It was an internal position where I was in daily contact particularly with the managers responsible for the projects. We addressed the financial parameters of projects throughout their life cycle,” he describes his daily routine and adds: "At the same time, one of my main responsibilities was to ensure that our internal processes complied with US GAAP, which is US accounting standards."

Everything worked relatively well until The pandemic arrived. That was the moment when Jaroslav began to look at his profession differently. "The breaking point for me came at the moment I started working full time from home. I stopped seeing my colleagues, among whom I had many friends, and I realized that I would like to do something where I would see some tangible results from my work,“ he reveals his feelings, while at the same time admitting that he began to worry about his future: “In addition, sooner or later, this internal position that I held would probably undergo some inevitable reduction due to automation processes."

The second change will be the right one

Retraining in IT is Jaroslav's second attempt to change the direction of his career. He made the first one some years ago after finishing high school. “I studied surveying and cartography. After gaining some experience in the field, I came to the conclusion that this was probably not something I would like to do in the future. So, I went to study for a bachelor's degree in operations and economics at the Czech University of Life Sciences,” he recalls and continues: "I had never really believed that I had what it takes to graduate from university, but I found that I was quite good at it. Since I did not have a completely clear idea of what I would like to do in the future, after my bachelor's degree I continued to take a master's degree at the University of Economics, where I also worked on project management, and I really enjoyed that field.” During his studies he also took an internship at a company and then started working after receiving his diploma. It was there, after three years, that he was caught by both covid and doubts.

However, they disappeared with the first lessons at the bootcamp. "At the moment, I'm concentrating on completing the course," says Jaroslav, because he has no time or energy left for anything else. This corresponds to his plans for the future: "Then I would like to find a job in the industry and at a company where I will be able to continue learning and develop professionally. I don't really plan much. I feel like it distracts me from what needs to be done now. ”

A programmer with the roots of an elite sportsman

In addition to studying at the bootcamp, his current tasks include supplementing his library. "The last book I read was The Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn. And because now we do everything online, and on camera, so I'm constantly buying more new books to keep them in the background to look smarter,“ laughs the active athlete, who in the past played almost top level hockey for 10 years and then another eight of ball hockey. Sport is his great passion, to which programming has now been added as well.


Jaroslav completed the online Super intensive Junior programmer course and was part of the class Rodeo. A month after completing the course, he joined the company ServiceNow as a Service Delivery Engineer.

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