1 July 2020

Java or C#?

No other field is going through such a transition as IT. The use of programming is growing exponentially across all sectors and new programming languages are emerging continuously. “There’s a large number of languages,” says Esy Crux, senior mentor in Green Fox Academy, and adds: “Java and C# are however still on top.”

Java or C#?

In the rankings of the most used programming languages, the top 5 are C, Java, Python, C++ and C#. That is the present ranking, but what about their future? “From the object-oriented oldtimers it will be Java and C# that will stay in the front positions. Possibly also JavaScript and its variations,” thinks Esy and continues: “In the recent years, Python, Go and Rust have been on the rise.”

What about the languages most used by companies? David Bohmann, Java developer at Vork, comments: “For the backend it’s still mostly Java, other languages such as Kotlin or Python are also on demand now. In frontend, the demand is for JavaScript with one of the modern frameworks, for example React or Angular.”

Language as Means

There are industries that have specific needs when it comes to programming languages. “Hi-tech companies are now working with Go and Rust. Start-up companies also like to experiment with new languages,” shares Esy and goes on: “On the other hand, if someone wants to do server design or similar “extreme” stuff, they can code in C# or Java and still be the best because it’s about the skills of the programmer. Language is just a means to create things.”

Esy mentoring at a workshop in Green Fox Academy

It Is Not About the Language Choice

If you want to learn coding, you should think about what language to start with. You can choose the easier path and opt for Python or Kotlin, or you can jump straight into the more complex languages, such as Java or C#. “Being a good programmer is not about choosing the best language, but being able to use your skills in all languages,” Esy explains one of the basic rules and adds: “It’s also important to choose a language that suits you and to feel part of the community that is built around that language. The more people code in a certain language, the bigger the community is and the more progressive the language will be.”

Java Code

The advanced languages like C# or Java can take more time to master, but the work will pay off. “Once you get a grasp of them, you will be able to learn other languages much more easily,” affirms David Bohmann. If you want to try coding and have zero or little knowledge so far, join us at the public workshop or sign up for the #MyFirstApp Coding camp, a free 3-week long online course where you learn to create your own web application.

David Bohmann, a Senior Java Developer from University of West Bohemia