29 August 2021

Michail changed from working as a trader to a programmer

He already enjoyed computer science at high school and after his experiences at university he decided to devote himself fully to it. “But I didn't want to wait another five years and continue living with my parents, so I went to work and eventually enrolled in a distance learning course," said Michail Richardson. However, after one semester, he shortened his journey to the world of IT. He started retraining and thanks to the bootcamp he will be a programmer in just four months!

Michail changed from working as a trader to a programmer

Michail’s first memories of computers are associated with primary school. “We already had computer science in the first year of school and we got acquainted with graphics and  text editors," he recalls and continues: “The first computer we had at home was with Windows 95, and it had the game “Vlak” on it that I could play as a reward. I enjoyed it a lot. Then I got my own PC with  various puzzle games and also CDs for practising English. "

The boy from Trenčín transferred from primary school to an eight-year grammar school with a focus on mathematics and computer science. Although he already enjoyed IT a lot at the time, he did not continue to pay attention to it. "After finishing school, I needed to resolve my financial situation, so I started working," explains Michail, adding: "I didn't want to go to university and keep living with my parents. You see I have two younger siblings."

Rekvalifikacni kurz na junior programatora

First job as a waiter

It was during grammar school that he earned money working a part-time job as a waiter at a local restaurant. “Shortly after finishing school, I was approached by a friend who worked in a cocktail bar where they were looking for new colleagues. They also offered career growth, so that convinced me, and I started working for them, "he says and continues: "After completing barista and later bartending training, I became the chief bartender. But it was mostly night work, and especially at weekends. So, I looked for something else to fill my time during the week. Because I like to drive, I started delivering food."

Planned career at Telekom

As the months passed, Michail began to get tired of working evenings. “I enjoyed mixing cocktails, but I wanted to start doing something where I would be closer to the technical things that really interested me," he says, giving the reason that led him to leave the bar. He first worked as a salesman in an electrical store and then switched employers due to better conditions on offer at Telekom.

"Working with people is always demanding and you can never satisfy everyone. There were also cases where customers came to the store dissatisfied and with complaints. At such moments, I was patient but assertive. I tried to find a compromise with them so that they would leave satisfied,“ Michail describes the specifics of his work as a sales representative at a telecommunications company and adds: “It was very different from selling standard goods. The sale of mobile phones was just an addition, the main thing was the signing of a two-year contract, which people were often indecisive about and wanted to change their minds. At such moments I actively enquired as to exactly what they needed, and then I tried to find the most suitable solution for them. "

IT attracted him more than management

While working for Telekom, Mikhail saw an opportunity and began making plans to improve his position. So, he decided to enrol at university. He chose distance learning in management at the Faculty of Management and Computer Science at the University of Žilina. “I was hoping that when I got the degree, it would help me in my career advancement in the company. But the role of the manager did not appeal to me, "he shrugs and adds: "On the contrary, I was more interested in computer science. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed programming at grammar school. I realized that this was the direction I wanted to go in. "

One semester was enough and for Michail it was clear. "Thanks to the basics of programming, the passion for computer science, which I had at grammar school, was awakened in me again," he describes the turning point at which he decided to change his professional direction, and adds:

“I didn't want to wait another five years before I finished studying. So, I started looking for a suitable retraining course that would help me get into IT. "

A short cut to IT

Michail carefully browsed Google and compared various retraining courses to become a programmer. “Some were for a few hours, others for hobby programmers. The most suitable retraining course for me was the Green Fox Academy bootcamp, where I decided to take the option of doing it alongside my job,“ he says and clarifies: “I was looking for a training course that would get me to such a level that I would be able to find a position in the industry. I was hoping that the bootcamp would teach me everything I needed to be able to program simple applications. I also wanted to try out what the daily life of a programmer entails and what it looks like in practice. ”

During the first two modules Michail focused on Java and then in the project phase the language C# because it gets closer to the programming of games. “After a few weeks, it confirmed that I really do enjoy programming. So, when it came to changes at work, I handed in my notice, and then I concentrated on the course to the maximum and switched to the super intensive version,“ the Trenčín born Michail, who, as his name suggests, has roots in Asia, and also in Britain, stands by his choice and adds to his evaluation of the bootcamp:

"It has exceeded my expectations. All the staff are very pleasant and helpful. The content is sophisticated, and the form of learning is very effective. The retraining course requires a lot of time. Even more than I thought. I have to be focused and prepare systematically every day, but I can see the results and the progress I am making. It’s well worth the effort!”

His goal is to become a senior programmer

As the bootcamp nears its end, Michail slowly begins to think about where his steps will lead him in the future. "I would like to get a foothold in the industry and eventually work my way up to become a senior programmer. I really enjoy the development of games, so I would like to go in that direction,“ suggests this lover of Latin American dance and sports, when talking about where his career path may lead. His next journey, however, when he has a moment, will take him to the countryside, where he often goes with his girlfriend and their dog. And finally in a few weeks, maybe a "trip" with a friend to a tried and tested cocktail bar for a Whiskey Sour.


Michail studied the online Super intensive retraining course and was part of the class Rodeo/Recall. Five weeks after graduating, he joined the company ServiceNow as a programmer.

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