30 November 2022

Survey: A Good Bootcamp Is All You Need To Get Started In IT

The numbers don't lie: 98% of Green Fox Academy graduates have already landed their dream job in IT, and they use what they learned from the course on a daily basis. What's more, all of them are happy in their new fields. Graduates are absolutely certain that the Junior Developer Course was worth it, and 87% said they’d recommend it to their friends. The survey also showed that, in as few as two years, 85% of graduates have already reached mid-level positions with an average monthly salary of 65,000 CZK.

Survey: A Good Bootcamp Is All You Need To Get Started In IT

Interestingly, most students had little in common prior to signing up for the course. For example, 56% only held a high school diploma while 39% were university graduates. They came to us from all kinds of fields such as services, healthcare, marketing, law, education, arts, engineering and so on. What they most shared in common was intellectual work; 72% of graduates came from jobs that required “headwork” and “clever thinking.” Another 26% came from manual labor positions and 2% had never been employed (the latter being students who enrolled in bootcamp straight out of high school.)

The most common reasons for career change? Burnout and unemployment difficulties

Although the general public assumes that the main reason people leave their careers and retrain in IT is the prospect of a high salary and generous benefits, the reality is quite different. It turns out that 39% of students enrolled in bootcamp because they wanted to acquire the knowledge needed for a new field. Another 35% said they’d already had a good job but started feeling burned out, while circumstances forced 13% to make a change when they weren’t able to find work that matched their qualifications. The fact that seeking a higher salary was not a top priority is also evidenced by the fact that most students were already earning quite well. Indeed, 40% were making more than 30,000 CZK a month, and 7% were earning more than 70,000 CZK.

Bootcamp opened the door to IT

Although Green Fox Academy is not the cheapest bootcamp available, 91% of graduates are absolutely certain that it was worth the investment. An impressive 87% would recommend the Junior Developer Course to their friends. Why? Quite simply, because they’ve already succeeded in IT. Some 98% reported that they use the skills and knowledge learned during the course on a daily basis at their new jobs. Moreover, they’re so hooked on their new careers that they can’t imagine leaving. 

Mid-level jobs within 2 years; 80,000 CZK monthly within 3 years

They're doing great financially, too. They start their first IT jobs with an average of 47,000 CZK per month. After a year or two in the industry, they reach 65,000 CZK monthly. By that time, 85% are already in mid-level positions. One year beyond that, they’re bringing in 75,000 to 80,000 CZK monthly and that’s nowhere near the ceiling. It's simply a matter of aptitude, knowledge and skills. It also comes as no surprise that many graduates consider working in other countries. More than 41% consider travelling abroad to gain work experience. Germany, Austria, the UK, Switzerland and the Benelux countries are generally the most appealing. 

This large survey has provided an unequivocal answer to the most basic question of whether a top notch bootcamp is really enough to make it in IT, even for those with no previous programming knowledge. The facts are clear and speak for themselves. In the Czech Republic alone, Green Fox Academy has helped more than 400 people successfully break into the IT field. So yes, a quality programming bootcamp is more than enough. All you have to do now, is pluck up the courage and send us your application!


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