25 August 2019

A Life-Changing Idea

Four friends, three prestigious awards, two countries, and one idea. From twenty students in the beginning, to full classrooms of 160 students: that's our history in brief. However, the Green Fox Academy is not only about numbers and programming, its main focus is on people, their life path, dedication, and following the dream of a better job, future, and satisfaction.

To understand our philosophy and who we are, we need to start from the beginning. In 2015, the Hungarian labour market was facing a shortage of IT specialists. We were lacking analysts, developers, programmers, and other experts. Péter Langmár and Tamás Kökény, partners at LAB.Coop, were also struggling to find qualified employees. They had met Kristóf Bárdos while he was working for them as an investor in their previous company, and Kristóf was also struggling to find specialists as CEO of Digital Natives. Barbara Fazekas was the fourth and final member of this party, working in the education sector at KÜRT Academy, one of the most respected educational centres in the fields of business and IT in Hungary. On the one hand, there was a problem with finding qualified people, on the other hand, the IT field represented a great potential. One thing led to another and Green Fox Academy was created with Digital Natives and LAB.Coop as founding companies.

'There were no IT specialists on the market but many of our friends with college diplomas were working in other fields for less money and without any prospects for improvement. That's why we started to think about a programming course that could help people with no coding skills to become junior programmers in a few months,' Kristóf explains the basic idea and adds: 'Our goal has been to offer a chance to get a better quality and more well-paid job to young and ambitious talents who are willing to learn.'

Confirmation that this was a step in the right direction came a few months later, when we got our first big award. Less than a year after launching its first course, Green Fox Academy was awarded with the IT BEHAVIOR Award in the Human Management category. 'Our approach is very different and unique compared to our competition. We teach our students to code, but before they even enter our course, they must undergo a very demanding five-round entrance process, led by our psychologists. We put emphasis on their English, motivation, and also their personality,' Kristóf explains and continues: 'Our courses also focuses on teaching students soft skills. Moreover, we work closely with partner companies -future employers of our graduates. This allows us to be flexible and adapt to market needs while ensuring that our graduates will learn all they need to be successful in their new job.'

A year and a half after receiving our first applicants, we already had 100 graduates from our course. And other awards followed, this time the Lovely Workplace Award (November 2017).

2018 was a year that brought many changes to our company. In March, we launched a joint project with Accenture in Budapest, the free CodeGirlz course, that is primarily designed for women. In autumn, we introduced a completely new and outstanding project, Academy4MoMs, which is designed for women on maternity leave. It allows moms the opportunity for re-qualification and provides them with day care for their children while they learn to code. This effort was a huge hit with the public and brought the Green Fox Academy another IT BEVAHIOR Award in the Human Management category.

While Budapest was all about courses designed for specific focus groups, since spring 2018, the company was getting ready for its launch in the Czech market. Throughout spring and summer, Prague hosted several events (a meetup, informative meetings, workshops, and a summer camp). This effort culminated on 17 September with the grand opening of Green Fox Academy's campus at Wenceslas Square in Prague, launching the Junior Programmer course.

We are not stopping there, however, 'Our school opening in Prague is just the first step of our expansion in the region. In the following years, we would like to enter other foreign markets in Central and Eastern Europe,' Kristóf reveals and adds: 'We will expand our course offer in current locations and we will also try to reach new focus groups because the demand for programmers is still rising and the future will belong to those who can code.“

Příští kurzy na plný úvazek: 31. srpna 2020
Uzávěrka přihlášek: 14. června 2020

Příští online kurz na zkrácený úvazek: 7. července 2020
Uzávěrka přihlášek: 14. června 2020

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