October 15, 2019

Get to the heart of programming on weekends and evenings

It’s never too late to learn a new skill, especially something handy for the future. Coding can be used in many professions and maybe you will even consider directing your career towards the IT sector. If you cannot commit every day to coding but would like to grasp the basics, the part-time programming course in Green Fox Academy is right for you!

The demand for the part-time programming course led the academy to open a new class, where the students learn to code with the help of experienced mentors. The door will first open on 22nd of November and from then on the students will devote 14 hours every week to learn the basics of coding. The class will take place on one evening during the work week (3 hours) and one full day on weekends (9am - 6pm). The students will also have to dedicate time for homework (ca 2 hours every week). 

Are you interested in how much you can learn in 4 months? You will get familiar with basic tools, methodologies, web development and algorithmic theory with on-line sources. In other words, you will acquire the basics to build on - and it’s up to you what will happen next. 

If you want to discover whether coding is for you, then the part-time course will definitely provide you with insight into the field and enough practice, so that you can imagine what the work of programmer looks like. Those who wish to gain new knowledge and skills won’t be disappointed. Furthermore, if you become fond of programming and decide to continue with it, you can use the opportunity and jump right into the full-time course, that will enhance your skills to the level of junior developer. The graduates of the full-time course also have the certainty of finding a job as Green Fox Academy offers 100% job guarantee. 

So there is no reason to hesitate. The part-time course offers you the best possible. Thanks to the experience of the organizer and good knowledge of the labour market, you cannot make a mistake. Don’t waver too long, you can sign up right now. The capacity is limited and free spots disappear quickly.

More about the part-time course and our events.

Start dalšího prezenčního kurzu na částečný úvazek: 16. listopadu 2020
Start dalšího prezenčního kurzu na plný úvazek: 1. března 2021

Start nadcházejícího online kurzu na zkrácený úvazek: 17. listopadu 2020
Start nadcházejícího online kurzu na plný úvazek: 16. listopadu 2020

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