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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I can go from zero to a junior level in 4 months?

Our admissions process has been built to reveal this. In addition to strong motivation, you will need solid analytical thinking, as well as quick problem-solving and learning ability. These competences will be measured based on performance shown while solving two online games (Dotto and Curiosity) during the admissions process. Certain level of candidate’s profile match with benchmark profile is needed to be achieved in order for the candidates to be able to master the curriculum at an increased pace in 4 months.

Is there something that can be advantageous for the purpose of successfully completing the admissions process?

Yes. If you've already tried programming of any kind (online course, Green Fox Academy workshop) or if you already have a degree in any field.

Why is English language knowledge necessary for the course?

Our tutorials and any help online are mostly in English. In addition, our students present to our mentors / partner companies in English on Fridays. Additionally, all of the programming is based on the English language. Most importantly, English is the default language used in the I.T. industry. I.T. professionals all over the world are required to have a solid command of English in order to be able to collaborate with their colleagues and assist their customers.

Can I apply now but start the course after the next one?

Absolutely. If you pass the admissions process we will keep your application on record and save you a spot for the upcoming and following courses. However, we cannot guarantee that the courses taking place afterwards will still be available for you due to limits in capacity.

Do you have admissions trials?

Unfortunately we do not because the admissions process requires a huge investment of energy  not just from the side of the applicant but also from our admissions team.

If I didn’t pass the admission tests, can I try again?

Yes, but half a year must elapse between the two applications because we believe that this amount of time is needed to prepare for the reinitiation of the process.

Is there an age limit?

No, but we are always transparent about the program. Our oldest student thus far was 46 years old at the time of the course and it was more difficult for him to prove that he is as capable of coping with a junior position as his younger colleagues. Our experience shows that it’s entirely up to you to consider how you will handle having a new career in a junior position after years of experience in another field.

How long before the beginning of the course will I be notified whether I was admitted? Will it be enough in advance to quit my job?

We always leave a buffer of more than 30 days between the announcement of your acceptance into the program and the start of the training, so if you are currently employed, you only need to terminate your job in case you get into the program. The admissions process  spans approximately 2 weeks and you will receive your results within a few days of completing each step.

How often do courses take place?

Our courses runs approximately every 3-4 months, depending on student interest.

How many days of the program can I miss?

During the course of the program, you can take 2 days off without any required documentation as verification. Additionally, you have 3 days of sick leave, which you have to prove by submitting a doctor’s note. If you are a student with a child under 3 years of age, you have 5 additional days of leave which do not require verification documentation. Of course, in case of a sudden health problem, we do our best to find an alternative solution.

What kind of laptop is needed for the course?

Everyone works on their own laptops.
This laptop would preferably have at least a dual core processor and 4 GB of memory. The operating system should be 64-bit, but it can also be Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. What you need to know is that you may have a recommended platform for each training course, so Microsoft Windows is recommended for the .net module, Microsoft Windows for C ++ and Dev Boards.

Do you offer a distance learning option?

Unfortunately, this is not possible because work takes place within a flipped classroom framework. In practice, this means that only 10 percent of time spent here is taken up with lectures, the other 90 percent consists of individual and group work led by our mentors. For the group work, physical presence is required.

How much work does the course entail?

Compared to traditional schools, this training requires a lot of work in a very short time. The total length of the training is 18 weeks + 3x1 week breaks, every weekday from 9 am to 6 pm, followed by home preparation and practice. You have to count on 50 to 60 hours of work per week. If you are doing well with the curriculum, you can take the final exam 4 weeks earlier so you can finish the course in 14 weeks total.

Why 4 months?

On the one hand, this is the shortest amount of training time with which  you can achieve the level of expertise required to enter the IT labor market On the other hand, the course is also based on the current needs of our partner companies, and in this industry, this is the approximate  amount of time needed to predict what kind of knowledge a junior programmer needs. It is also worth mentioning that we try to limit the period of time you will have to go without work to a minimum.

What is the difference between a university course and Green Fox?

The biggest difference is in the methodology: with our mentor support, you learn the curriculum through assigned tasks, and the theory needed for it is mostly learned at home through educational videos. During our course, you will spend the same amount of time practising as you would at a university.

What is the average age of the students?

About 30 years. (In Hungary)

Has anyone ever left the training before graduation?

Very rarely, but it has happened in the past. This is typically due to  a sudden work opportunity,but there were also those who decided to quit for personal / family reasons as the course could not fit into their life at the time.

What kind of professional background do the students have?

Our have changed their career path to software development from a variety of backgrounds:  lawyers, athletes, musicians, and engineers have all learned with us. It is also not uncommon for us to receive students who wish to combine their existing qualification with software development. You can read the stories of several of our students on our blog! :)

How high is the possibility of me getting a job at the end of the course?

According to Czech Statistic Office, approximately 20,000 software developers are missing from the labor market - and that's just in the Czech Republic. So your chances are high. :) This also confirms that 90% of our graduates get hired after completing the course. It is important to note that the job search may take a few months, which is why we update our placement rate 3 months after each course is finished. At the same time, our top students tend to get immediate job opportunities. :)

Is the certificate needed to find a job in this profession?

Based on our experience, absolutely not. It matters what you know and how open you are to continuous learning.

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Attention! The admissions process and the associated interviews are conducted on a continuous basis, and thus, empty slots are filled year-round. So if you want to make sure you get in, apply as early as possible!

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