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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I can go from zero to a junior level in 5 months?

Our admissions process has been built to reveal this. In addition to strong motivation, you will need solid analytical thinking, as well as quick problem-solving and learning ability. These competences will be measured based on performance shown while solving two online games during the 4-steps admissions process (3-steps in case of CRM Specialist course). The whole admissions is online and takes up to 2 weeks.

If I pass the selection process successfully, do I have to start on the course with the nearest date?

You can postpone your start and join the following class, if it’s more suitable for you. However the result of selection process is valid for 6 months. If you are successful, and you want to start the course after more than 6 months after your admission, we might ask you to repeat some parts of the admissions process.

Why is English language knowledge necessary for the course?

English is the default language used in the IT industry. IT professionals all over the world are required to have a solid command of English in order to be able to collaborate with their colleagues and assist their customers. If you are not sure about your level, you can still apply - you will find during the selection process, if your English is sufficient.

What if I already know the basics of programming?
If you have the knowledge from the first, foundation, module, then you can jump right into the orientation module. In this case you have to pass the exam, which will be part of your selection process.
Why is the selection process important?
The goal of changing career in 5 months is not reachable by everyone. We want to minimize the risk of accepting people who are not able to resist the intensity of the course and challenges that a career change brings. We select only those who we are convinced will make it. Our selection process ensures that all of the students are highly-driven individuals able to follow the expected learning pace and have the potential to excel in the IT profession.

Is there something that can be advantageous for the purpose of successfully completing the admissions process?

Yes. If you've already tried programming of any kind (online course, Green Fox Academy workshop) or if you already have a degree in any field.

Why you might find this course expensive?
We are a private entity and are not subsidized by any organization. We want to ensure as high quality  education as possible therefore we also pay our mentors what they would earn as developers. Consider it as an investment. We provide a 100% guarantee. If you do not get hired in the field of IT after you graduate within 6 months, we give you the whole tuition fee back, but you have to speak Czech to at least B2 level.
Can I get a financial contribution or reimbursement of the whole course by the Labour Office?
Yes. Due to the fact that our courses are accredited by the Ministry of Education, it is possible to apply for a contribution from the Labor Office. For conditions and detailed information, please contact the Labor Office.

Can I apply now but start the course after the next one?

Absolutely. If you pass the admissions process we will keep your application on record. However, we cannot guarantee that the courses taking place afterwards will still be available for you due to limits in capacity. The selection process result is valid for 6 months.

Do you have selection process trials?

Unfortunately we do not because the admissions process requires a huge investment of energy,  not just from the side of the applicant but also from our admissions team.

If I didn’t pass the admission tests, can I try again?

Yes, but 6 months must elapse between the two applications because we believe that this amount of time is needed to prepare for reinitiation of the process.

Is there an age limit?

No, but we are always transparent about the program. Our oldest student thus far was 46 years old at the time of the course and it was more difficult for him to prove that he was as capable of coping with a junior position as his younger colleagues. Our experience shows that it’s entirely up to you to consider how you will handle having a new career in a junior position after years of experience in another field.

How long before the beginning of the course will I be notified whether I was admitted? Will it be far enough in advance to quit my job?

We always try to leave a buffer of more than 30 days between the announcement of your acceptance into the program and the start of the training. The admission process spans approximately 2 weeks and you will receive your results within a few days of completing each step. The earlier you apply, the earlier you will know if you are accepted, so don't postpone it.

How often do courses take place?

Our online courses starts approximately 4 times a year.

Is the attendance obligatory? How does it work if I was to become sick for a longer time?

The attendance is obligatory for accredited courses - you have to attent at least 90 % of the course. We want to make sure that you devote your time to studying and it is also one of the conditions for the job guarantee. We solve special cases including health issues of students on an individual basis. During the course you can take 2 days off without any required documentation as verification. Additionally, you have 3 days of sick leave, which you have to prove by submitting a doctor’s note. If you are a student with a child under 3 years of age, you have 5 additional days of leave which do not require documentation as verification.

Do I need my own laptop?

Everyone works on their own laptop, but in case of an accreditated course, we can lend you one. It can be an average one, no special features are required. It would preferably have at least a dual core processor and 8 GB of RAM. But we highly recommed at least 16 GB RAM. The operating system should be 64-bit, and should be updated Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. SSD hard drive is also better.

What language is the bootcamp taught in? What programming languages do you teach and why?

In our online courses, you will be usually learning Java, which is the most used programming language around the world, or JavaScript.

Do you offer a distance learning option?

Yes! Visit this page for more information about our online courses.

What happens if I get lost and can’t keep up?

There are 1on1 meetings, where you can discuss your issues with a mentor.

How much is the tuition?

The tuition differs according to what package you choose, and a type of course. Information about tuition are on this page.

Can I leave the course within a certain period of time?

Both parties can terminate the student contract within the first 21 days from the beginning of the Super Intensive course (28 days in the case of the Evening and weekend course). We will refund the tuition fees paid, except 10 000 CZK, which we will use to cover the costs caused by your enrollment in the course. In case of CRM Specialist, the trial period is 7 days and administrative fee is 6 000 CZK.

How much work does the course entail?

Compared to traditional schools, this training requires a lot of work in a very short time. The total length of the training is 17 weeks + 4 weeks of breaks and exam preparation, every weekday from 9 am to 6 pm, followed by homework and practice. You have to count on 50 to 60 hours of work per week.

Evening and Weekend Course takes part 2 weekdays evenings (18:00-21:00) and whole weekend day (9:00-18:00). In total, you have to count on 20 hours per week.

What is the main difference between GFA and other coding bootcamps?

Green Fox Academy's uniqueness lies in the methodology of the courses, which is based on the flipped classroom method and a lot of practical coding. Also, we offer you a job guarantee - which means that you find a job in IT within 6 months after your graduation or we give you back your tuition fee, if you speak Czech at least on B2 level and have completed at least secondary education.

What is the main difference between GFA and an academic degree in Computer Science or Data Science?

In our courses, the main emphasis is put on practice and real world projects. As opposed to an academic degree, we won’t teach you that much theory. Also, at the end of the course we award you with a Green Fox certificate, not an academic diploma.

What will I be able to build at the end of the web development bootcamp?

Please see the detailed syllabus on the courses webpage. At the end of the Foundation module you should be able to create a simple 2D graphical game that consists of a tile-based maze and a character who can be controlled using the keyboard. At the end of the Orientation module you should be able to create an interactive web application that can be connected to a database. In the last module of the course, participants are split into 3-4 person groups, and each group is assigned with a Frontend, Backend or Fullstack project. 

Is there any age limit? I'm over 40 years old, should I apply? I'm under 18 years old, can I apply?

You only have to be over 18 to apply for the course, there is no upper age limit. The important factor is your motivation and an open mind to learning.

Has anyone ever left the training before graduation?

Very rarely, but it has happened in the past. This is typically due to health issues or family reasons.

What level of English do I need in order to participate in the course?

It’s not necessary to speak English at an advanced level. However, you need to keep in mind that the study materials and education are in English. If you’re not sure about your English, you can find out during the selection process. In order to get the maximum from the course, it’s good to have at least an intermediate level of English.

I don't have any technical background, can I join the course?

Yes! Our students have changed their career path to software development from a variety of backgrounds: sportsmen, musicians or managers have all studied with us. You can see their stories on the Blog.

Is there a typical profile for a GFA student?

Our students come from various backgrounds, jobs and are of different ages. The average age of our students is around 30. What connects them is the passion for coding. :)

Do I have to speak Czech too?

You don't have to speak Czech to finish the course. Only difference is that we cannot give you the money-back guarantee, unless you speak Czech at least at B2 level.

How high is the possibility of me getting a job at the end of the course?

According to the Czech Statistical Office approximately 30,000 software developers are missing from the labour market - and that's just in the Czech Republic, so your chances are high. The best students are hired even during the course. It is important to note that the job search may take a few months.

Is a certificate needed to find a job in this profession?

Based on our experience, absolutely not. It matters more what you know and how open you are to continuous learning.

How much is the tuition?

The tuition differs according to what package you choose and type of course. For information about the tuition please visit this page.

Can I see the contract in advance?

We do not provide a student contract before enrolling in the course, but only if the applicant successfully passes the admissions process. Anyone who is interested in the course must first go through it and prove that our course format is suitable for them.

Possibility of monthly installments for the Evening and weekend course

Tuition for this type of course can be divided into 12 monthly installments. The first installment is due 8 days after signing the contract, subsequent installments are due on the 10th of each month. For the amount of installments, see the price list.