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Our story

In 2015, four founders of the Green Fox Academy – Kristóf Bárdos, Barbara Fazekas, Tamás Kökény and Péter Langmár – were brought together by shortage of qualified programmers as well as huge potential of the IT market. One thing led to another and history of one of the most successful start-ups in Hungary began.

Thanks to the fact that Barbara and Tamás focused na education, while Kristóf and Péter had hands-on experience from IT, they together managed to create a successful business model. They brought together motivated applicants who were willing to change their career and companies hopelessly looking for IT specialists. In less than a year, the Green Fox Academy rose among the elite in this field. This success was crowned with the prestigious IT BEHAVIOR Award in Human Management category for the Junior Programmer Course.

The number of students was quickly rising as was the number of business partners. A few other awards followed such as the Loveable Workplace Award (November 2017).

2018 was a breakthrough year for the Green Fox Academy in many ways. In spring, GreenFox Academy introduced and launched the free programming course for women, CodeGirlz, and later that year the Academy4MoMs project. The requalification course for women on maternity leave was a huge hit with the public. The course including day care for children, while their mothers are taking lessons, meant another prestigious IT BEHAVIOR Award for Green Fox Academy. Since spring 2018, the company has been intensely preparing expansion to the Czech market. These efforts culminated in September 2018 with the grand opening of the Czech branch an Wenceslas Square in Prague and launching the first Junior Programmer course.

At this moment, the Green Fox Academy is preparing over 160 students for their new career path in its classrooms in Budapest and Prague. For more information go to our blog.

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