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We've been helping our students take the first steps towards their IT careers for 7 years. We know not only the smaller startups, but we are also in contact with the SME sector and the representatives of larger companies. We know what they're looking for, and we're proud that 91% of our graduates were hired for IT job.

Let the numbers speak for themselves

4 300+
MOre than 4 300 people have chosen us.
91% Of our graduates
were hired for IT job.
WE HAVE connected our graduates with more than 130 companies.

Continue your professional development

Build your tech portfolio

student programování green fox academy

After successful graduation our Career Team prepares your professional resume.

Our course does not end with the final exam. Until you find your first IT job, you have the opportunity to join our internal development community, called Húli. Here you can work on real projects that will look good in your portfolio as well.

Join a strong network

tech talent speed date v green fox academy

At our corporate events you are the protagonist: you can introduce yourself and demonstrate your knowledge to companies that are looking for juniors.

After successful graduation, you become a member of our network of nearly 1,800 Junior Developer alumni. Moreover, as part of our Alumni Buddy Program, you can get personal mentoring from an experienced ex student.

Prepare for job interviews

tech talent speed date v green fox academy

Our psychologist mentors help with situational exercises to prepare you for a job interview.

Our senior mentors ensure that even the trickiest programming language-specific questions do not come up unexpectedly during technical interviews.

On demand you also have the opportunity to take career coaching sessions.


We care about finding the perfect place for you. Our matchmaking team is here to get to know you and your corporate partners and to fill vacant positions with exactly the right candidates.

Job search process

  1. Information meeting with the career services team
  2. Tech&HR interview training
  3. Tech&HR trial interview
  4. Professional CV
  5. Individual 1:1 meetings to discover students' preferences
  6. Access to additional internal job search resources - "Career Info Hub"
  7. Events - Tech Talent Speed Date, Hackathons or Open Demo
  8. Coaching sessions possibilities

Advantages for you

tech talent speed date v green fox academy

You will fit into the company not only in terms of technological skills, but also its culture.

We will shorten your job search time - we have already pre-selected offers and filter them to match your expertise.

If you want, we will write your own blog article, thanks to which you will increase the chance of a faster placement.

Thanks to our cooperation with more than 130 business partners, you will learn things that are valued by companies.

Advantages for the companies

tech talent speed date v green fox academy

We optimize the recruitment process to lead to significantly faster results.

In addition to basic information, CVs also contain a short analysis that elaborates on technological knowledge, personality and also assesses soft skills such as communication.

The assurance that students can speak English and have passed both a demanding selection process and a very intensive study.

Career Services with guarantee

We are cooperate closely with our partner companies and we develop our syllabus based on their needs. That is why we are sure that the knowledge you can obtain at Green Fox Academy is IT job-ready. To guarantee this we go even further: if you complete all of the modules and soft skill trainings within a year, and you cannot find a job (per the terms detailed in your student contract) within 6 months after successful graduation, we refund the 100% of your tuition fee (or waive 100% if you chose @after payment method). First 3 months after your graduation, it will be only our job to find you your first employer in case you pick @Before, @After or @Component tuition packages. In case of @PathVariable package, you can start looking for you new job yourself.

Our graduates get placed in companies on average in 1 to 3 months. In the Czech Republic, we provide a guaranteed minimum salary of 40 000 CZK. However, the average salary of our fresh graduates in their first job is 47 200 CZK.
Of course the salary increases gradually over the years and with experience.

For a successful placement your efforts are needed as well, because you will go through the same selection process as any other candidates for junior programmer positions. It means that we will expect you to participate in partner events organised by us, as well as, to actively search and apply for jobs. Please note that non-Czech citizens are only eligible for this guarantee, if they have work permit in the Czech republic. Furthermore, they have to speak Czech at least at B2 level.

Our company partners
in the Czech Republic

Aaron Group
AMI Praha a.s.
Združení Deus
Luigi's Box
Asecco Solutions
Smarty CZ

Our Career Team

We are committed to helping you find your next job in IT.

Katarina Grujičić
Psychologist and coach in Green Fox Academy
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Katarina will encourage you with coaching to help you succeed at work and in your personal life. She will also practice with you the skills you will need in interviews and you will get feedback from her.
Daniel Houser
Organizational psychologist
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Dan will help you feel confident when you go to your first HR interview. He will share his recruitment experience with you and reveal how recruiters perceive the interview and what is important to them.
Péter Szél
Head of Education in Green Fox Academy
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Responsible for tech interview preparation. With our mentor team they make sure that even the trickiest, language-specific questions won't give you a hard time.
Tomáš Bican
Account Executive
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Tomáš is one of the first people our potential business partners meet. He shows them how great our graduates are and arranges the administration around a successful placement.
Marietta Szabó
Key Account Manager
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Responsible for building and grooming our partnerships. Her goal is that the best possible opportunities are awaiting you after the course.
Zsuzsanna Dávid
Talent Manager
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Helping career changers find their dream tech job.
Gréta Pelyák
Head of Talent Management
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Responsible for our career program, who will put you in contact with companies best suitable for you, and support you throughout the selection processes.
Anna Balázs
Career Services Coordinator
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Takes care of the administrative aspects of the job searching process, so you can concentrate on preparation instead of paperwork.
Alexandra Titurusová
B2B Team Account Assistant
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Alex will prepare your professional CV, find out your career preferences and also help you prepare for interviews.
Annabella Ádám
Organizational psychologist, Trainer, Coach
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Helps you to do your best on job interviews with situational exercises. Through individual coaching you will find the most suitable career path together.
Virág Jónás
Organizational psychologist, Trainer, Coach
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Helps you to do your best on job interviews with situational exercises. Through individual coaching you will find the most suitable career path together.
Anita Fachs
General Director / Head of B2B
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Leads the B2B team in CEE. Reach out to her if you need to talk to someone from Green Fox’s management team.
Szilvia Molnár
Education Project Manager
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Coordinates all custom education projects such as IT trainings, corporate bootcamps. If you are interested in how she leads the projects in collaboration with our clients drop her a line.
Andrea Ulahelová
Senior Account Manager
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