If you are looking for more than just a good job

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We are using holacracy. You will know about everything that is happening in the company and you will also be able to openly express your opinion. Our team is inspiring, tolerant and always open to new challenges and ideas. We work as a start-up and new tasks and processes come every day. Thanks to transparency, you will not experience intrigue, tricks and similar "pleasant" things with us.
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Every day we spend a lot of time together not only working but also eating and having fun. We have a McDonald's right in the building, but we like to go for beef tartar or Mexican. With vegetarians we will enjoy lunch in Dhaba or Wokin. Everything is just a few steps away. If you love going somewhere after work, we have several clubs on Václavák, where we go together or sometimes even with students.
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Right next to the office we have two large fitness centres, where we like to go. When it's nice outside, we go to the park to skate, run or just walk. Each team member has his/her own favourite activity (fitness, bouldering, yoga, dancing, volleyball, drinking Prosecco...), so if you want, you can join someone or perhaps help us discover something new.
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We love to travel. In the Czech Republic, to Hungary or around the world. Together, alone, or with family. It doesn't matter where or with whom, but we consider traveling to be a great way to get to know ourselves and the world around us.

Who are we looking for?

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