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Are you in need of junior developer talents for your team?

Then definitely don't miss the Tech Talent Speed Date! During short non-binding interviews, you have the opportunity to interview both students who will soon complete the Junior Programmer course and will be ready to throw themselves into the work process, and those who recently successfully completed it.

Why is it worth coming?

What technologies do our students know?

Java Spring
Full Stack (Vue.js, Express, Node.js)
Full Stack (Angular 2+, Express, Node.js)
Full Stack (React, Express, Node.js)

All students have knowledge of Java or C# programming language. In addition to that, students may switch to a different technology in the project module of the course. Such as Full Stack (Vue.js, Angular, Express, Node.js...) or remain in Back End development.

How are you going to select candidates for the interviews?

After you register for the event, we will contact you and share with you the CVs of our current students (however, without their name due to GDPR). You will be asked to select the profiles.

How do the rapid interviews work?

You’ll have 15 minutes for each of your rapid interviews. After your 7 interviews are done you are welcome to talk to all of our talents over drinks.

Who can you look forward to?

Our students and graduates who are ready to start a new stage of work in their lives. They have experience in various fields and they have all successfully passed our very intensive 4.5-month course. If necessary, they are able to retrain in any other technology. Everyone speaks fluent English and can work either on a full-time or contract basis, and both remotely or onsite. Also, all of them have EU citizenship/residency, therefore no need for visa sponsoring.

Why our students?

Our students have been carefully selected in a four-step admission process which only 20 % successfully pass. They all speak English to a decent level and possess a good set of soft skills.

We are the first four-month long programming bootcamp in Central Europe for Junior Programmers. In addition, we provide headhunting services. We recognise the needs of our partner companies and link them to what our carefully selected and trained junior programmers can offer. What does it mean? Our partners can directly enter the syllabus and have the Junior Programmers trained according to their needs.

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*The event is free and without any obligations. Contracting with us will only be needed when you have found your talent match(es).

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